Businesses succeed or flounder largely on the strength of customer service, other things being equal. Superior customer service ensures that your customers stay loyal to you, and spend more per transaction. Customer stickiness also means that you do not have to spend as much on new customer acquisition that can otherwise take a heavy toll of your budget. Research reveals that typically it can cost six times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones, and also around 20% of your customers can account for as much as 80% of your turnover.The contemporary business environment is so competitive that organizations need to stay ever alert to respond to emerging customer requirements, often even before they are enunciated.

Clear Communication – The Essence of Customer Service

It is often observed that insufficient, unclear or confusing information leads to customers not visiting certain section of the retail outlet, not using certain facilities and often not purchasing good and services. Many customers could not be bothered to ask, or are hesitant to ask so they may just walk out of the store without transacting. Digital signage used under these circumstances can have numerous advantages. People just have to refer to the announcements, instructions or directions being flashed in a menu display board to get all the information they want. The message stays clear and consistent without being lost, garbled or becoming incorrect when handled by multiple sales staff or customer service assistants on the shop floor.

Addressing Effectively the Paradigm Shift in Retail Strategies

The modern-day retail shopper is more sophisticated, discerning, and technology-savvy than ever before. With the proliferation of the Internet-connected devices, especially mobile devices, and the rapid penetration of social media, the shopping habits of customers have changed significantly. Regardless of the way the shopper transacts, it is increasingly common to find customers using the digital content on the Internet as a reference point and expecting the same customer-friendly, interactive, immersive and visual experience in offline formats also. By equipping your store with electronic signage as well as interactive devices, it is possible for you to carry forward the same compelling and consistent information delivery to customers. The use of digital signage is extremely effective in providing the same seamless experience that is expected by customers across all channels. Store owners can use digital signage to deliver product information, offers and recommendations with the flexibility of being able to customize the content according to customer demographics, geographical location, or other attributes like the day of the week or time of the day. This personalization of content and information and the ability to rapidly change the contents as per needare the most important advantages of digital signage.

Improved Customer Service with Superior Employee Training and Recognition

It is necessary to recognize that even with the best signage, customers will still need address some of their queries and concerns to the staff. This makes it imperative that each member of the staff be thoroughly trained on giving competent and consistent replies. Training sessions become easier using high-impact digital signage and reduces the need to printmaterials that are expensive and increase the carbon-footprint. Using appropriate technology, the employees can be delivered the training manual at their individual workstations without even the requirement for centralized training. New policy announcements too are more easily communicated using digital signage. Digital signage finds a great use in recognizing staff performance. Using the signage to make public announcements is a great motivator and creates a strong corporate culture and bonding that is essential for creating pride in oneself and about the organization. This translates very well to superior delivery of customer service and satisfaction.