It was days when people had just one way to install the Linux, which was done by employing the text based installer. In those days people simply used to wait long hours staring at the computer screen and at times even for days seeing that old fashioned installer compiling the programs and operating system from the relevant source code. But looking at Linux, it has indeed come a long way reaching finally to this stage, and would certainly go for a long haul as well in the coming future. Whether you are keen to install the Ubuntu over your old PC, which requires additional amounts of configuration or want to have a complete control on the things, which you have installed over your Ubuntu based system, the Ubuntu text installer could be called as the best choice to opt for. You could find the text based Ubuntu Linux installer available in three different ISO images. That brings back the question, how good or bad is to use the ISO image over the Ubuntu Linux. The fact is when you dig deep; you could find a wide range of reasons or benefits of using the ISO image over the Ubuntu Linux.

The ease that makes the difference

If you look at the number of tools found in windows, which help you in mounting the ISO images, you could hardly find any good option to deal with the same. However, if you talk about Ubuntu, you could find a couple of tools to mount the ISO images. Though it could be a difficult task to find out the right tool for this task, but once you find it, you end up doing things easily and quickly. That’s the basic good you have of using the ISO image over Ubuntu Linux. Secondly, you could argue that you could handle the ISO image with the option of CD or DVD drives in the windows based computers, however, mounting them over your desired and specified folder and that too in small amount of time would be a difficult task to accomplish. This is certainly not the case when it comes to mounting or using the ISO image over the Ubuntu Linux. You could find several ways of doing this including the two simple options- via the Gmountiso (a free tool).

Better security treading this option

If you talk about doing this using the Windows system, you need to add a couple of features and arrangements, which include employing a software program, which brings in the issue of security. This is certainly not the case with using ISO image with the help of Ubuntu Linux. When you tread the path of Ubuntu Linux, the benefits you enjoy is quite inevitable. You get a very good security system without even having the DRM restrictions, which you could also use over your older hardware and the best part is you get all these software programs free of cost. The software could include Linux Mint 8, which you could use over the Linux distribution on Ubuntu that come along with packages in different repositories, which are really very much difficult to install over the other networks. Hence you could find a much user friendly desktop experience even for the people who are new over Linux platforms.

You are never short of reasons to use it

As you know, ISO image is basically a kind of an archive, hence you have the archive manager installed over it in your operating system, you can easily read its content found over the ISO image file. Though unlike any other archive formats like the .rar, .tar, .zip, .gz, etc. the data inside the ISO image file is not often compressed and hence you have the choice of making it via DVD or CD or even with the help of Blu Ray disk with the help of disc authorizing software program without actually waiting for the data to get compressed. You could find a number of benefits, which include having a disk with countless images files that you could copy over your hard drive and burn it at the later stage. But employing the normal copy paste option can really make it a time consuming thing, which is usually not the case when you do it over the Ubuntu Linux. The other benefit you could enjoy while mounting the ISO image file over the Ubuntu Linux is that you get the capability of mounting the same using the virtual disk drive, which helps in securing the data in perfect order, which is certainly possible with the usual burning process.

Final word

In this way, you could find a number of good and competent reasons to ISO image on Ubuntu Linux. So are you still confused about the good or bad for the same, well not really, right?