Introduction of infographics has brought a revolutionary change in concept and practice of e-business, which is significantly different from the old school of trade. Infographics is earning much popularity over time for the ease of understanding complex data through illustrative mode of representation. Direct response marketing is significantly different from traditional marketing, since it does not require any intermediate agents like seller or retailer and can fetch immediate response from the consumers. It is also possible to quantify the purchase ratio and the response of individual customers for each of the advertisements. Infographics play a significant role for professional branding of products, which facilitate in direct response from the targeted consumer group.

To understand how infographics and professional branding enhance direct response, one must have a clear idea about these new ideas in ecommerce market. Infographics or information graphics is a powerful tool that represents the complex graphical data in simple and visually stimulated manner, so that the viewer can understand the matter more easily and quickly. Professional branding is about building credibility for a business organization or a person, which is important for potential customers or employers for the growth of the business at corporate or personal level. Direct response is a type of marketing that generates an immediate response from the consumers, where it is possible to measure consumer response at individual level that can be attributed to the advertisements.

Infographics is getting an eminent position in e-business for following reasons:

More popularity among young generation

Young people are more tech savvy and prefer spending more time with computers, browsing through different websites. They are more inclined to online shopping than shopping from actual markets. Social networking is a favorite time pass for the young crowd; thereby advertising in these types of sites is more frequent in e-commerce.

Effectiveness of branding in social media

There are number of social media networks now, which connect millions of people. A statistical survey over different social media can find out which site is most popular among people. It is also possible to get an idea about the age, sex, nature and other demographic data of the members, thereby figuring out the most popular brand names.

Survey of popularity pattern for a brand

Infographic design makes it possible to find the nature of popularity of certain brands over time. It is also possible to figure out how many people from each networking site have actually visited and followed a brand, how many of them have liked it, and how many people have actually posted and shared story, link or video about it.

Offer many facilities

Many of the brands offer coupons, promotions and discounts in the social networking site for better shopping. One can compare between the most popular contents versus the least preferred ones. It is also possible to get answers for how-to questions and other frequently asked questions.

Benefits of direct response marketing

This type of marketing does not have any waiting time, as people can see the advertisements instantaneously and after an advertisement is published, the responses are generated immediately. The other benefits of direct marketing are that no one negotiates over the offered piece and no maintenance cost is required for the advertisements.

Outbound marketing versus inbound marketing

Outbound marketing is the traditional way of shopping that is still more persistent and popular among common people in comparison with inbound marketing. This involves direct advertisements in radio, television, newspaper etc. There is a direct contact of the customers with the business-person or sellers. Inbound marketing is based on the advertisements in social media and yet to replace the popularity of direct marketing.

Mode of business through inbound marketing

In this type of marketing short notification is given through the social networking media, after which comes the e-mail notification. The individual customer can respond immediately and the trading procedure along with financial transactions is accomplished through the internet. The purchased good is sent to the consumers through courier service.

Professional branding is the most important aspect of e-business to create the corporate credibility. Infographic designing has introduced a new era for professional branding, which ultimately generates better results for direct response from customers. It is clear that infographics has come to win over the e-commerce market and will earn more popularity in near future.


Infographic designs represent the complex matters in simple way by creating visual impact for the subject. This new technology is very effective for professional branding, which earns more direct response from the customers.