Having a strong online presence isn’t just about hits to your website or sales. While both of those goals can be met online, Internet marketing can also increase your client list in ways you might not have considered.

Reconnect with Your Network

One resource we recommend to businesses and professionals is LinkedIn, the business-to-business, or B2B, social network. LinkedIn can connect you with new partners, clients and staff, but it also helps you to strengthen old connections, even those that you didn’t know you had! You may find an old college buddy who is now a real estate agent can refer a client to your growing landscaping company. Perhaps you worked with a client years ago, and they can now use your services once more. Adding them to your network reminds them that you exist.

Sell Yourself

Whether you have a profile like high-risk obstetrician Gilbert Webb on LinkedIn, which shows exactly how skilled he is with at-risk pregnancies, or you’re adding a personal biography to your company’s website, you want to sell yourself. This can be difficult to some people. Consider the hard numbers of projects you’ve completed, clients with whom you’ve worked and awards to your name. These numbers make a great starting point and highlight your career in a way that attracts potential new customers.

Ask for Feedback

You’ll want to get buyers to your website if you sell products online. But advertising those products isn’t the only way to attract people to your website. Consider retailer Amazon, which has a variety of methods to get people back to their website. Amazon sends out emails after purchases to ask for customer feedback. This includes feedback on products, sellers and packaging. Each of these different types of feedback enables consumers to provide their opinion, and it also helps other shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions. However, those emails ultimately get people back to Amazon’s site.

Provide a Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to keep people updated with company or website information, but it’s not just a one-way street. You’ll get more subscribers if you simply ask for their email address upon initial signup, but you can cull information such as location, marital status, age, gender and birthday from an advanced profile. Use this information to send targeted newsletters, and you can increase both the rate at which clients open your emails and your bottom line.

Creativity is key to online marketing, and sometimes the indirect approach is best.