Some may think that a Computer Science degree is only good for those who are programmers, but is that true? Generally, top companies prefer to have executives and board members who have technical skills, like computer science. Here are four reasons why learning computer science skills will help you get ahead in your career:

Technical and Language Skills

Computer Science teaches people how to think in the binary language. Individuals are forced to think in a more logical, complex away. Management typically prefers employees with a wide breadth of knowledge and valuable technical skills, and the type of complex thinking associated with computer skills is becoming a bigger commodity as time passes.

Organize Your Thoughts

Computer Science degrees teach mathematical, logical and problem-solving skills that help you organize your thoughts. Forbes has listed the Computer Science degree as the second best degree for those seeking to earn a master’s. The IT base salary is $109,000 per year with a growth rate expectation of 22.3%. Yes, this degree provides you with specific and practical skills, but in a broader sense, it allows you to organize your thoughts, and prepares you for problem solving in your career.

Master Technical Skills

Although Social Science degrees can be fun, technical degrees might have more application in the career field. AT&T and Google continue to support online learning because they know that they need more IT technicians for their industry. Every day, the employees with technical skills and Computer Science degrees keep company networks functioning properly.

Speak to Computers

While Dr. Dolittle could talk to animals, the Computer Science degree allows practitioners to communicate with computers. In a world full of robotics, smart phones and the Internet, this can be a very handy skill to have. When management includes IT professionals, they can better understand any computer glitches the company is experiencing. Most game programmers average about $66,000 per year.

Understand World Wide Web

In the past, the Engineering degree was coveted for businesses as a way to create physical structures. The Computer Science degree is gaining prominence for helping create the IT virtual architecture for the modern world. Executives will have more “credibility” after getting their “hands-on” proficiency working in the IT trenches. Because of this, the Computer Science degree has both low-level and upper-level value.

While Computer Science may not be as glitzy as other degrees, it is useful. You can get ahead in your career when using the organizational and logical skills you will gain in this type of educational setting. Show employers that you have the acumen, skills and traits for communicating with technicians, customers and computers by earning a bachelor of computer science.