Women are often suspicious about their boyfriends. They feel that men try to run away from taking responsibilities like marriage and baby. While it is not always viable to hire a detective or spy on boy friend, these women certainly wished that they could keep vigil on their boyfriends. It seems that they have found their solution in unique spy software that can be installed in mobile.

How to install

The software is installed in the smartphone of your boyfriend and you need to create a username and password that is required to access the account in future. Once the program gets installed you may need to adjust the settings, activities you want to monitor and select the GPRS that is to be used for uploading the logs. Once the software is activated it stays in active mode and runs in the background even when the phone is switched off. The activities are uploaded to the account you have created and can access by entering username and password.

How it works

Women often believe that the boy friend who is avoiding marriage or responsibility may be involved with other women. However, it is hard for them to prove or verify their suspicion. The spy software available for mobile can be installed in the smartphone of the boy friend. This software is designed to extract necessary information from mobile phone of the boy friend required for monitoring. Spying technique of the software is precise and accurate and invisible to the user. Messages, calls, emails and chats via GTalk can be tracked and monitored effectively after installing this software.

How you can catch

Sneak peak at smartphone of your boyfriend let you know about his contacts and affections. You can listen and learn about how he feels about you and what he talks about you within his close circle. The spy software allows you to hear the calls made by your boy friend via Live Call Interception feature. The calls can also be recorded and listened at a convenient time.
Online interface of the software stores all call logs with date, duration and time of call. On installing spy software in mobile of your boyfriend you can find his GPS location. You need not be around the smartphone of your boyfriend for viewing all activities. View the call logs by just logging on with the username and password from comfort of your home or office.
The spy software can also show the places that are frequently visited by your boy friend. The software uses Geo Live location tracking that helps you in viewing the locations visited by him. You can also use Geo Fencing feature of the software that generates instant notification when your boy friend is within a pacified boundary.


There are several online forums where we find that number of aggrieved women on issues of insecurity is rising alarmingly. In addition to this, many of them seek expert guidance on how to get relief from mental stress arising out of such sense of insecurity from relationship with boyfriend. Mobile spy software can help these women to stay informed and alert about activities of their boyfriends.