We all know that there is barely one area of your life that technology did not drastically alter in the past few years. Healthcare is no different. With 39 percent of physicians keeping in touch with their patients via email, IM or video conferencing, the days of a healthcare consumer waiting anxiously by the phone for a test result may be soon over. A study done in 2012 also showed that doctors spent 11 hours online, on average, for professional purposes. This trend is only going to go up as the technology in your physician’s office is getting more intricate and advanced.

Concrete Benefits for the Healthcare Consumer

But what does up-to-the-minute technology in your physician’s office mean for you, the average healthcare consumer? It means that getting your health records from another hospital does not have to involve gymnastics of a geographical and postal nature. It can mean that any billing issues that come up after a doctor’s visit doesn’t have to be a thorn in the side for either you or the staff in your physician’s office. At a point in time where almost 50 percent of all physicians who owned a tablet have used it in a treatment area, these changes are seen by many to be inevitable.

Waiting Room Innovations

Remember those forms that you filled out every time you visited your doctor’s office? The frustration that you experienced when asked the same questions, over and over, year after year, may have caused some consumers to dread the annual health physical.

Many hospitals, health care centers and doctors’ offices are either using or are in the process of developing innovative technology that may permanently do away with the old clipboard full of forms. For example, some health care facilities are or have installed an iPad kiosk where you can check in to your appointment on the same device you have used at home for years. Similar technology will also update the consent form process, as well as other documentation that may be needed during your treatment. Now getting you the proper form to sign before a procedure could be as simple as pulling it up on the same device that you use to fritter away a lazy Sunday at home.

Technological innovations in healthcare don’t only have to benefit your physician. With companies like AdvancedMD operating on the vanguard of healthcare modernization, visits to the doctor’s office could one day become a lot less annoying and cumbersome.