Physicians have a litany of tasks and responsibilities to address on a daily basis. The most important one is patient care. Finding tools that efficiently assist them with maximizing the amount of time for visits and treatments is critical. While experienced staff is one component, the other is software that tackles billing, scheduling, medical records, and overall practice management. Companies such as Advanced MD have a multi-faceted software package that addresses these four categories and more.


When you think of billing, a patient invoice comes to mind. However, in the world of medicine there are several layers involved. This includes interacting with payers such as insurance companies and government agencies. While patients have their responsibilities, the bulk of billing is with a diverse group. Submission of claims followed by monitoring those paid as well as the allowed amount for services rendered is quite complex. A billing system that seamlessly handles thousands of transactions including payment arrangements is needed.


A multi-portal access scheduling system does more than fill appointment slots. It allows physicians and their dedicated team members to set the schedule from any computer entry in the office. In addition, doctors can check schedules real-time from mobile devices in and out of the office. For more convenience, having a tool that outlines the calendar by day, week, month, and annually with a click increases productivity. Factor in the ability to categorize no-shows, reschedules, and new patients as a planning and billing tool.

Medical Records

With personalized care provided by this profession, thorough records are paramount. Consider software that digitizes this information for quick access and reference. This offers doctors a systematic approach that is instant for appointments as well as consulting with colleagues on difficult cases. It also makes for a smooth process when patients need records for a variety of reasons including billing, work, school, and specialty care.

Practice Management

With all the moving parts of a medical practice, intuitive and inclusive software that has a single sign-in and database is ideal. Management requires using a resource for information storage with a cloud component, verifying patient insurance eligibility, and report mechanisms to assess practice performance. Physicians benefit from applications that ensure accurate records are maintained across the broad spectrum.

Maintaining an efficient work flow is a challenge that modern technology can help with. Seamless integration, ability to grow as well as flexible training for physicians and staff is also crucial. Companies including medical practices make business decisions based on the ROI. Finding the appropriate application can prove to be a silver bullet.