Over the years the technology that we use to game has come along in massive leaps and bounds, but it’s not just the tech that’s changed even the classic board games that we used to play have evolved considerably.

Although board games have been around since the early 19th century it’s safe to say that the games we play now are drastically different from the games we played say 10 or 20 years ago.

Take Monopoly for example, once confined to a board made to one set of specific square locations and small pieces to move around. But thanks to the creation of better tech we can now enjoy themed Monopoly games like Monopoly Star Wars, Walking Dead and even several videogame themed versions all with 3D printed figurines.

But it’s not just an improvement in the quality of the games, the latest developments in new technology has meant that some of these iconic games have started to get electronic spin-offs. Like card games for example, these have seen a huge overhaul over the years as they’ve moved from physical cards in packs to online browser games.

Some of these games have even started a move towards the gambling market with the likes of Monopoly branching out into slot games that contain unique features, whilst cards have come into their own with casino sites now providing tons of Blackjack games and Poker tournaments.

Even Noughts and Crosses has gone digital as it has its own range of scratchcards. The Noughts and Crosses scratchcards does differ slightly from its pen and paper predecessor though that they double your chances of winning on each card by rewarding you for matching both noughts and crosses rather than getting one complete set per card.

But the changes to these pieces of classic gaming history didn’t stop there because they’ve even moved into mobile casino games. So now we can cart around our favourite board games and play them for real money wherever and whenever we want.

This move to mobile has proven to be a good decision for these games and you could say that if it wasn’t for the introduction of classics like cards and Monopoly into the online gaming circuit mobile gaming might not have taken off as well as it did.

Because of how popular these games have become on mobiles there’s been an increase in the number of entertaining mobile game apps being produced in the last few months to the point where you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a mobile app to play on.

With technology advancing every day perhaps we might see a new era of board games, for example maybe we might see the inclusion of new tech like motion controls to roll dice for Monopoly. We might even see other games like Guess Who or Battleship adopting new technology, although whether that actually happens is something we’ll have to wait and watch out for.