Identity guard is a revolutionary discovery indeed. Not only does it protect your credit score data, but also protect important data related to the credit card from being exposed to the frauds. The result is increased protection and less worries about the fraudulent credit card activities. But, what’s going to be the main concern here is how safe is the identity guard. After all, it’s about the security of your identity and without a safe system, it’s hardly possible to effectively deal with the frauds.

IDG_Logo_BlackAccording to the manufacturers, Identity Guard is solely created with an aim to protect the customers from protecting their identities, which thus lead to the protection of the credit card scores and other related information. In order to estimate the safety of using the identity guard, we must look into the following points:

  • Monitoring Alerts:​ Identity Guard comes with the facility of monitoring alerts that help protecting the personal identity information, change of address monitoring, internet monitoring and credit monitoring through all three credit bureaus. As a result, you will be instantly notified in case of any discrepancy
  • Anti-​Keylogging ​Software: It is equipped with a robust software that can easily detect malicious software that could be instrumental in stealing your identity information like usernames, passwords, etc
  • Quarterly ​Credit ​Report​s: It collects detailed reports from all three credit bureaus
  • Lost ​Wallet ​Protection​: It comes with features that perfectly stores your personal information and thus help you replace the contents of a stolen wallet
  • Reimbursement Insurance: To deal with the huge loss of money, identity guard comes with a $1 million policy coverage.
  • ​​KID Sure SM​: It also secures the identity of the child identity and monitors it on a regular basis.
  • ​Mobile App:​​ It protects user’s passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses as a mobile app.

And finally

Identity guard features a customer satisfaction of 20 years that provides comprehensive protection to individuals and companies alike. Identity Guard’s white-label products are premier in terms of their features and come with attractive discount depending on the plan.