With Smartphone comes myriad of amazing features be it computation or logic easily accomplished with their help. In fact taking and receiving calls has turned secondary as there is a lot more to do from note-taking to gaming apps, coordinating applications across many gadgets. However nothing stays behind with an smartphone technology iPhone.

Smartphone Technology & Adverse Effects

Now it has affected the lives other way as well. Though the lives are easier with smartphones but for some they have turned too enjoyable. Limits are easily crossed while boundaries are hard to follow. It’s seen that smartphone technology is having a war in itself among its own developments. Lately software developers introduced another of revolutionary idea that could defeat the terrible effects of smartphones. It’s the smartphone spy. Companies such as StealthGenie and Mobiespion fly high in their consumer market while the spy application purges other valuable applications. People know its worth well as well as its capability. Thus soon you will see that almost every other developer produces their version of smartphone spy application.

Spying on the other person’s phone has been a technique that came into force since the arrival of the smartphone technology. You agree or not but personality of a person is best and accurately determined on the basis of how a person communicates with other people on individual basis. Thus, when you are keen to determine someone’s personality, a spy software proves to be of great help. Lest its use was restricted to a certain kind or number of people, then the software would have failed to touch the ground. The time when it blows badly, it’s when that its use is exploited on various levels. Like the parents may see it as a blessing to get to keep an eye on their children however spouses may find it as an over-intrusive process disrespecting the privacy and personal space vital in relationships.

Meanwhile for workplaces it proves to be of huge help as you monitor employees, however here as well knowing every person’s personal commitments are not counted as professional monitoring. Now as a spying app is not going to between private and work commitments, thus the spying loop will certainly have every little detail of a person’s life. Thus there is an issue of ethics and protection of others’ privacy.

Hence it might be a viable option to go a step back from creating monitoring application that also keeps a check on mobile spying application. This chain of technological advances may never stop as we consider that there is no way to go back. Technological hazards are further countered by technological developments and this way it affects humanity all through.