VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a cutting edge technology that allows companies to inexpensively communicate over the internet. That is, VoIP utilizes the internet to digitally compress phone calls through telecommunications networks. The many advantages of VoIP over traditional phone systems are as follows.

Reduce Costs

The most obvious benefit of using VoIP is drastic telecommunications cost reductions. Companies who utilize VoIP can save money through bypassing traditional telecommunication networks. This means that companies can avoid paying for long distance charges and investing money in landline and telecommunications systems.

Landline phone systems are already outdated and a waste of money due to universal cell phone usage. Many companies hesitate to remove traditional landline phone systems out of fear of change and the misperception of limited benefits. However, VoIP in conjunction with cell phones will meet all telecommunication needs. As an added benefit, equipment and maintenance costs can be outsourced to a single provider.


Many employees struggle to keep up with multiple technology formats. This means that a landline, cell phone, computer, fax and video conference room will all compete for the employee’s attention. This is both distracting and disruptive. VoIP offers centralized communication through a single platform. As a result, employee productivity increases through the ability to multi-task from a single location without interruptions.

Unique Features

VoIP has the added benefit of special functions that easily outperform any traditional landline phone. VoIP phone adaptors allow the employee to transform any landline phone into a VoIP phone. As a result, they can make and receive calls anywhere. Additional voicemail functions are also very helpful. Voicemail to email transcription transcribes voicemail and then emails the recipient. A special call routing function called find me/follow me allows employees to create a list of phone numbers that will be called before going to voicemail.

Exclusive Services

Commercially successfully telecommunication services provide more than just VoIP for companies. They also offer video collaboration, advanced cloud features and mobile and CRM integration. A nationwide VoIP company will be able to provide award winning services that will keep your company connected anytime, anywhere, on any device. The high performance, solid support and customized solutions are well worth the money.

In conclusion, VoIP can save your business money, consolidate technology and access, provides unique features and offers exclusive services. Learn more about the benefits of VoIP from the College of Southern Nevada’s website.