Unless you were waiting for the weekend edition of your local newspaper, real estate agents were the custodians of information in your real estate market 30 years ago. Then came mobile phones. Real estate brokers and agents and their information became much more available. After mobile phones came the advent of the internet. Competition required that agents’ listings be placed in the public domain. As the internet developed, so did the level of sophistication in marketing real estate, and companies like Obeo were born.

Virtual tours

We’ve been seeing virtual tours for several years now, but these companies provide professional photos to be used in internet marketing. They can be panoramic or simple but elegantly photographed stills.

Mobile responsiveness

Buyers and sellers use mobile devices in their efforts as much as they use a home computer. Photos might look great on a laptop or desktop screen, but quite often they just don’t fit on a mobile screen. With mobile responsiveness, pictures are instantly resized. They load rapidly, regardless of what device and screen are being used to view them.


Quality images coupled with seamless transitions, music and a broker’s or agent’s name and/or logo result in an artful study of a home. The videos are then ready to be uploaded to the real estate professional’s YouTube channel or personal website.

Virtual staging

Creative new furniture placement can be digitally placed in empty homes or rooms. The image of a more inviting and livable home is created.

Mobile text codes

People still drive to their desired neighborhoods and look for properties for sale, but now they have a new option if they see something they like. Buyers can now text a listing number and get a copy of the listing and photos on their phone when they see that home. Brokers and/or agents are simultaneously texted that possible buyer’s phone number at the same time that they’re sitting in front of the house.

Agents are no longer the gatekeepers of all of the information contained in a thick and quickly outdated MLS book. Before contacting an agent, nearly all buyers and sellers begin gathering their information from a computer or mobile device. Both brokers and agents have acknowledged the benefits of a continually upgraded profile that provides real time information to buyers and sellers. More exposure results in more inquiries. Technology has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of many savvy brokers and agents.