Instagram is an amazing marketing tool for your business where you can run promotions and set up a business page to attract over 800 million users.  It is a visual platform in the form of a mobile app that can easily be downloaded on your smartphone. You may upload images of your product and make them attractive with smart photo filters to grab the attention of the targeted audience. Coupled with a well-written caption you effectively can market your business no matter how small or big it might be on this platform practically from any place at any time of the day on your smartphone.

How can you set up your business profile?

As a business, you should have a Facebook profile. In case you do not have a Facebook profile create one. This can easily be done on its website or mobile app. Next, download the Instagram mobile app and create a business page. Once done tap on the button that looks like a silhouette. This is your profile button. Proceed with the introductions and edit your profile with your business information. When you are selecting a profile image for both Facebook and Instagram use your business logo. This will help targeted audience recognize you faster. Secondly, you have the option to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. Activate this option and start posting images with attractive captions to grab attention.

Post frequently with relevant hashtags to increase followers and likes

A business needs to have a decent number of likes and followers online to establish credibility in the market. Likewise, you need to get real Instagram likes for the posts you publish on your business profile. Ensure the images of your post are in sync with the business product you sell.

Do some research on the use of hashtags if you are new to them

Hashtags are a vital component of your marketing strategy. They help targeted customers find you easily. These hashtags should be relevant to your product and used wisely. Using 4-5 hashtags in the caption is prudent. In case you are new to the concept of hashtags, you may refer to similar pages in your business niche so that you get a clear idea on how to use the right hashtags for your business profile. Digital marketing experts also state when you are using hashtags for your business profile, keep track of the trending hashtags for your business niche. This helps you to attract targeted customers faster.

Therefore, if you are new to Instagram and do not have a business page for your company, create one with the above tips today. In this way, you effectively can reach out to the targeted audience and market your products to them with success. Instagram is a great social media marketing platform for your business. It had a simple user interface and considered one of the best platforms to reach out to a young consumer group in the age group of 18 years to 30 years.