It is generally known that over-ear headphones are designed for fans of high-quality sound. This type of headphones offers superb sound and superb enjoyment. These headphones are mostly used by professionals and those who want to enjoy ultimate sound quality.

In today’s market, you can find literally everything. To make the right choice, you need to pay attention to a few important things that depend on whether an over ear-headphone will satisfy your needs or not.

Since the market for over-ear headphones is very demanding, manufacturers have made efforts to include a lot of different models with many special features. However, some of these features are nice as detail but aren’t very important when talking about the performance and sound quality of the over ear-headphones themselves.

The best way to find the ideal over ear-headphones for you is to precisely define your needs.

Here are some important guidelines:

  • The size of over-ear headphones
  • The materials from which they were made
  • The quality of the speakers
  • The quality of the cables
  • The durability of individual parts
  • Special features

The size of over-ear headphones

Size is important. This type of headphones is best known for its sound quality. One of the reasons why the sound is superb is the size of the headphones itself. The size allows all parts to be integrated into the headphones and that is the reason why they provide great sound quality. This doesn’t mean that sound quality is directly proportional to the size of the headphones but may be an indicator.

The point is that when you place these headphones, they have to cover your entire ear so that the sound is directed toward the drum membrane. If they are small then you will not be able to apply them properly on the head, over your ears and therefore you will not have a full enjoyment.

Also, regarding their size, there is a weight issue. They shouldn’t be too heavy. If you use them for a long period of time, a few hours a day, it’s not very pleasant if they are heavy, because they can create an unpleasant pain in the head. If you also consider the clamping force that these over-ear headphones produce, then some models are really uncomfortable.

It’s best to read the reviews and keep the lists of those that are checked and that go into the first 10 or 20. That way you will not make a mistake because you will get all the necessary information about these things.

The materials from which they were made

The materials used are generally of high quality, but depending on the price, they can vary from genuine leather, imitation of leather, plastic, metal, a combination of one and the other, etc.

The choice of the material is also important because it engages how and where you use these over-ear headphones.

Some materials are resistant to sweat, water, dust, heat, and some aren’t. It’s not the same if you use them in a studio or outdoors. If you use them outdoors, you should choose harder materials, more durable. If you use them in a studio, in a room, in a more peaceful environment, then you can focus on the enjoyment of the material to be comfortable and soft.

The quality of the speakers

The speaker structure itself is complex. Each manufacturer adheres to certain verified schemes, but there are also those who apply modern achievements and new technology. Yet one thing is certain, you have highs, mids and lows and a very important bass.

The size of the speaker, their power, the way of positioning speakers inside the headphones, the number of speakers, the membrane through which the sound passes, everything matters to the sound quality. Keep these characteristics in mind when choosing among many.

The quality of the cables

As these over-ear headphones focus on sound quality, the sound consistency will largely depend on the quality of the cables used. That way you don’t have a break in the transmission of the sound, there will be no crackling, buzz, without one headset working properly and the other doesn’t, so the cable quality is important too.

Some over-ear headphones have classical fixed-size cables, and some use stretched cables.

The durability of individual parts

As this type of headphones belongs to the category of more expensive, in addition to the durability of the materials from which they are made, a very important thing is the possibility of replacing certain parts of the over-ear headphone.

Over-ear headphones use cushions that cover the ears. They are made of different materials. In some cases, they can’t be changed, but there are models where it’s possible to make a replacement, which is very convenient since after a while all of it gets ruined and split.

Also, for some models, the cable can be easily replaced, and for some, it is quite complicated.

Special features

When talking about the special features of over-ear headphones, the following should be mentioned: noise cancelling, portability, microphone, etc.

Most people who use this type of headphones insist on the importance of the noise cancelling feature. There are models in which this is very well resolved and which really eliminate external noise almost completely and there are models that aren’t so good when it comes to this.

When it comes to portability, there are models that can be folded up to take up very little space and there are also models that can’t be adjusted too much.

As for the microphone, most models have a built-in microphone as standard equipment. However, for some models they use a high-quality microphone that works perfectly fine, but for some other models it happens to have crackling or distortion when you talk.


If you have already decided to have a pair of over-ear headphone, go through the features that need additional attention. Read user`s comments and their experience and above all be resolved in what you want. Taking all this into consideration it won`t be difficult to choose one of the finest product to satisfy your needs.

Photo credit: SoundAspire.com