A week ago, Google has launched Google+ Pages, that allows companies and brands to set up a presence on the social network just like Facebook page. If you’re running a company, website, blog; now it’s time to create your own Google+ Page and grow audience for your brand.

Creating Google+ Pages is really easy, especially if your business already has a Facebook page. Just visit Google+ Pages creating page and follow the instructions. In case you want to make sure that you go about things the right way, visit this link to read about Google’s introductory/tutorial page on Google+ Pages for businesses. There you can learn more about Google+ Pages and also you can understand and measure the effects of your social media efforts via Google+.

If you’re still confused, please watch this 4 minute video tutorial to know How to create a Google+ Page for business.

Why should I use Google+ Page

Here are some main reason why you should create a Google+ Page.

  1. It is integrated with the world’s #1 search engine, Google.com
  2. It is integrated with the world’s #1 video sharing site, YouTube.com
  3. Integrated with Google Places for Local Businesses
  4. Millions using Gmail as their primary email source
  5. Google’s Android phones are outselling iPhones by some ridiculous numbers

So now what do you need to do? Create a page! and grow your business.