Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard to pin,organize and share your web links, images, video etc.. For those who use WordPress and want to integrate Pinterest in their blog, there’s a Unofficial Pinterest WordPress plugin called Pinterest RSS widget. This is a widget allows you to display thumbnails and titles of the latest Pinterest Pins from a specific user via their Pinterest RSS feed.

Once you installed this plugin in your WordPress blog, you can retrieve the RSS feed Pinterest a user and display its contents in the sidebar or footer of your theme. Moreover, it integrates with Facebook and Twitter, so friends can add themselves to the new social network. You can also use this plugin from your theme templates, to display images lists anywhere else on your blog and you can easily give them a fixed size or a maximum size with CSS styling. You also have the option of showing 4 different sizes of the official “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the list of your pins.

Please follow this link to download and read more details about Pinterest RSS Widget plugin.