If you have a MP3 player but would like to add music to your library there are a few ways you can do this. The most common option nowadays is downloading song files directly from the internet. This can be very easy to do and may be accomplished using a number of websites. Once you have obtained files from any one of these methods you may then play and save them in your MP3 player.

Required Tools

  1. MP3 Player
  2. Working Computer
  3. Internet Connection

Method One: Downloading from websites that allow you to purchase music files.

You may visit websites that offer music from different artists for various prices. You will need to have a credit card to carry out these transactions.

  1. Enter a website like Amazon or Apple itunes and search for your favourite musicians, albums and songs.
  2. Once you have selected all the songs you like, enter your information including your credit card number in the respective fields. The transaction will not take very long
  3. Once the transaction is cleared you will then be given access to download the file. You may save it at your preferred destination.
  4. Open the audio files that you have saved. Highlight all the files and then right click on your mouse to direct the files to your player. Alternatively you may simply open your player and then select the Open option to import new files. These can be saved as a playlist. You may also save the files to a folder that is used specifically by your player. This means once the player is opened it will automatically scan the folder for these files and add them to your library. You can then find these files by searching for the artist or album title.

Method Two: Downloading from a torrent.

You may download music from a torrent for free. Many of these files are not legally distributed, therefore you must be careful when using this method to download.

  1. Go to a website that allows downloads of active torrents. The best sites include isoHunt and Torrents
  2. Once you enter the website enter the artist name or album title in the search bar. You should see many results. You will need to look carefully at each torrent to ensure that this is the file you would indeed like to download. Pay close attention to the format. Many of these are transferred as FLAC files. It is best to choose MP3 format which is versatile and compact.
  3. Click on the download button. You will be prompted to save or open the torrent. Save the torrent to a folder, preferably your “downloads” folder.
  4. Go to the “downloads” folder and select the torrent.
  5. Right click the torrent and open it in the BitTorrent Client. This allows you to download the music from multiple seeders.
  6. You should see a status bar that indicates how much time the torrent will take to download.
  7. Once it has been downloaded you can then open the file with your MP3 player and save it to the Library. In the case that the MP3 player automatically detects files in a specific folder move the downloaded files to this folder. This allows your MP3 player to update on start up saving these files to the library.

Tips and Warning: Always check newly downloaded files to ensure that they are indeed playable in your player.