There are a lot of social networking websites today such as Twitter and MySpace where people are talking and interacting on a lot of things. There are also hundreds and thousands of blogs that are being developed each day in order to get ahead of the race for pages in search engines. Yet one of the main aims that blogs and social networking sites are designed to do is to generate more traffic and revenue for its parent sites. There are a lot of community websites today which will allow individuals to share, chat, and meet other people online.

Some of the most known social networking sites to do this are Twitter, MySpace and Orkut, and all three of these attract likeminded individuals easily. Blogging sites, on the other hand, are attracting traffic to their parent site. SEO works on getting certain keywords on a higher rank within search engines such as AOL, Yahoo and Google. With the higher ranking through different search engines, it is possible to get more traffic and have all of them ultimately diverted to the main website of choice.

Below are some tips on how to do so:

The crawler of Google will count the links from the blogs and social networking sites in order to get searches in the Internet. Majority of what the social networking sites and blogs do is to direct the visitors toward their main websites. Any kind of entry or content count as a plus for ranking the website.

Doing search engine optimization work is still a must as well as content updating through blogs and social media websites in order to generate new traffic.

The owners of profiles from social networking sites submit their sites to directories such as dig and reddit. A lot of sites today provide reviews on social networking sites and blogs in order for them to acquire maximum traffic for their parent site. You are going to need to target specific audiences in order to attract the traffic within any given community.

A better platform for blog and social marketing is being provided by Google and Yahoo groups. This is because they find various interest groups that can make use of the websites given. Many paths exist in order to get the traffic to the social networking sites and blogs. The SEO here will work on the keyword and will be involved in exchanging links as well.

SEO, email marketing and content are the three main tools that will pave the way in order for a website to generate more traffic. It is recommended that users constantly update their blogs or community pages in order to continuously generate new traffic.