Like most things, the growth and increase in the number of Medical tourism companies have given rise to the availability of better care but has also caused conflict. While hospital networking has made medical treatment accessible to all, it has also increased the number of scams and frauds.

India is witnessing a constant increase in the flow of medical tourists in the country which comes as no surprise when one looks at its super-speciality hospitals, in-house production of internationally trained doctors, and affordable treatment packages. But lack of knowledge and proper research before coming to India can put patients in a compromising situation.

Here, are a few tips of patients seeking medical facilities abroad.

Find doctors specific to your condition

Instead of searching for the top doctors in India, patients should focus on finding the best medical specialist for their specific condition. Filtering the list will help in finding a specialist who is trained to treat their condition. They can compare best doctors in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai, based on their experience, success rate and expertise.

Online Research

Even if the patient is traveling abroad through a medical tourism company, they should ensure that they research the hospital and doctors recommended to them. They should also not shy away from receiving a second opinion if they feel unsatisfied with their first choice.

Internationally Accredited Hospitals

India comprises of some of the best medical professionals, most of whom practice in New Delhi, which is the capital of the country. Medical tourists can find the best doctors in Delhi for a variety of health conditions at the top multi-specialty healthcare centers here. Most multi-speciality hospitals in New Delhi and other Metro-cities are accredited by JCI and NABH, making them a reliable place to receive treatment.

Accommodation Arrangement

If you are traveling for a medical trip for a condition like cancer that requires long-term treatment, they should make their lodging arrangements carefully ensuring that the place offers all the necessary facilities required by them to feel comfortable in the country. This may include dietary or religious requirements.

Cost & Time

Traveling to a foreign country especially for medical reasons can be overwhelming, so it’s best that you step out your home completely prepared. Patients should contact their medical insurance companies and consult the claim coverage policies to avoid any future dispute. They should also take an estimate of the treatment cost from the medical tourism company so that they can prepare the funds for the operation.

The time spent in the country can also affect the total cost of treatment, as it will add to the accommodation cost. Patients should travel with an estimate time of the duration they would need to stay in the country so that they are able to make the necessary arrangements.


Patients should also take varicella, typhoid, Hepatitis (A, B), Mumps, Measles and Rubella Vaccinations amongothers before coming to India, as they can protect them against these viruses. They should also carry these certificates with them.


India has some of the best medical centers and professional, but for receiving treatment from them, it is crucial that patients are able to find them, which requires research, as most patients are unaware of the top doctors in India. It is better for patients to consult a well-established Medical tourism company and receive treatment abroad without any hassle.