A chief executive officer (CEO) has many roles in a business. This individual is responsible for managing the company, making important decisions and tracking performance on a daily basis. This requires the right software tools. CEOs often need specialized software suites that provide access to large amounts of data and that use powerful analytical tools. Finding the right software means looking at several different aspects.


CEOs have very complex positions within a company. Finding the right software for these individuals means exploring suites that have a high level of usability. Usability is the combination of how easy an application is to use combined with the expected learning curve for an average person. Any software that is chosen should have a simple and intuitive interface the CEO can use easily. The software should also not require months of learning. Software with a steep learning curve might never be fully utilized because the CEO does not have time to learn every small complex detail.


Finding the right software involves choosing applications that have the highest levels of security and security compliance possible. A CEO normally has some level of access to nearly every piece of information within a company. Additionally, security threats are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to information systems. Any software a CEO uses needs to have proactive security including strict authentication and use of encryption or tunneling protocols for applications that operate online.

Other CEOs

Speaking to other CEOs or reading industry news is a good way to find the right software for a given task. Reading a website for CEOs will provide opinions, news and resources not available in other generalized business venues. Reading these articles will reveal what software has become the industry standard and which programs have potential in the future. This will help to sort through the advertising and marketing by providing actionable data from other CEOs or people in the industry who use the software.


The right software will integrate as seamlessly as possible with the critical systems the CEO needs to access. Not all software can draw data from spreadsheets or relational databases. This could force the CEO to use many different disparate programs or to miss important information until it has been manually exported or entered into a system. The right software will integrate with existing data and applications.

A CEO is most successful when the software provides real-time reporting and detailed access to data. Not all applications or suites combine these capabilities with tight security, a simple interface or industry compliance. Finding the right software involves looking closely at all parts of the suite.