Your company name and brand is what associates you with a product, service or an idea. However to be remembered by your customers only requires a little general creativity. The future relationship between you and your customer has already begun. This is an opportunity as time is one of life’s many equalizers. Everybody gets the same amount of it, but it’s what you use it for that matters the most.

Be Serious About Your Business

Rapport is what happens naturally when you support your customer. This process can begin with a smile, hand shake or even a simple question such as, “may I help you?” For example, let’s say you are surrounded by thousands of people who are browsing a convention floor looking to learn more about any given topic. Suddenly, Mr. Future Client is at your booth asking a million questions. When he is done would you let him go away empty-handed to speak with another vendor or would you leave him with one of your newly designed tradeshow keychains? Being serious about your business separates you from those that only hand out flyers. Now he has a part of your business name and branding for free.

Reignite a Client’s Enthusiasm

Getting future clients to continue doing business with you is also achieved when you follow up with them. Many options are available to reignite a client’s enthusiasm. See how they are doing and if they have any more questions that you can answer for them. Let them know that you have prepared a package on their behalf on the subject you discussed. This is another opportunity to keep your name fresh in their minds.

You Have Nothing to Lose

Use keychains for direct mail promotional incentives. Your clients will enjoy receiving these useful gifts, even though they are branded with your company logo and contact details. Always be polite and thank them for their interest in your product or service. At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As your customers begin to feel more confident in your ability to solve their problems, they will consider you the expert with whom they wish to do business. The idea that you have the answers goes a long way. Be truthful, continue to share what you know and watch them come back for more.