Companies across the globe spend millions of dollars in employee development. This includes investments in facilities, courses, tools, and facilities. However, little to no time is utilized to prepare the trainees for the process. If the learner lacks the mental capacity to learn at the moment, he grasps nothing and ends up wasting the invested opportunity.

Many companies in the UAE conduct corporate training, but only a few understand that for the process to pay off, the learners ought to pay attention. Effective training does not just happen; you have to capture the mind of the trainee and maintain his interest.

Things to Consider Before Corporate Training

Corporate training requires effective planning for you to achieve your goals. You cannot decide to engage your employees in team building activities based on what you like. Start by researching the relevant skills that your staff lacks. This will help you to decide which activities the trainees require.

Ensure that the learning outcomes align with the company’s goals. This motivates the learners because they know what they are working on. Also, identify different groups and content depending on their skills and talents.

How to Catch the Attention of Learners during Corporate Training

How to Get People to Pay Attention during Corporate Trainings 1

Although corporate training provides a break from the monotony of the workplace, it can be boring and a total of time and resources when trainees are not engaged.

Below are ways to make training more fun:

Keep it Simple

You can easily lose some of the learners during the first minutes of training. The leading training companies in Dubai simplify the courses to ensure that all learners understand the topics. Begin by introducing the basics and ensure that you teach from a solid foundation.

Make the Training Exciting

Everybody remembers exciting team building games, including the trainer and trainees. Although the quality of training is vital, ensuring that leadership development Dubai activities are exciting has more impact.

Trainees enjoy participating in different team building activities, especially when combined with learning. This engages the learners and keeps them keen, which means that they will understand the lesson. These activities also make it easy to interact and work effectively with others.

Structure the Training

A competent training company in Dubai has qualified personnel who have experience creating relevant content and have attended various training sessions before. One of the major issues with many trainers is that they do not understand the essence if creating a lesson structure.

Companies invest a lot of money incorporate trainings to get quality and pleasant results. It is easy to access an off-the-shelf training structure to enable you to teach smoothly throughout the training. Team building Dubai activities should include the right kind of games and activities, resting period, and follow up on the lesion of the day.

Feedback is Important

The best training companies know the importance of asking for feedback from trainees. This is because teaching adults is different compared to teaching kids or teenagers. This is because adults have more knowledge and skills in the business world compared to other groups; this is why you need a different teaching technique. The best way to do this is by asking for feedback. This helps you to improve on areas that will help the participants to understand the lessons better and make learning smooth.

You can easily do this by designing a questionnaire with a few open-ended questions. This allows trainees to voice their opinions. Also, let the learners to fill the questionnaires anonymously so they can be honest.

Use Different Teaching Methods

Every individual is different, and we learn in diverse ways. Trainers who understand this engage all learners in their class and make the lesson interesting. Some trainees learn better from auditory sources; for instance, when the trainer teaches vocally. Some make the best out of listening and understand most content this way.

Other individuals might learn well from observation; this is why you ought to include different teaching methods; for instance, using PowerPoint presentations. The aspect of kinaesthetic learning is also gaining momentum. This is learning through touch. This is a powerful learning method because this can help trainees to recall through physical memory.

Maintain a Favorable Pace

The best way to catch the attention of trainees is to maintain the right pace based on the topic and participants. If you maintain a slow pace, it will make learning boring, and learners will get distracted. If you are too fast, they will get lost and will not be able to follow through with the topic or lesson. Understanding the right pace to use can be challenging; however, this is easy for experienced trainers.


Getting out of the office for training can be a great way to beat the monotony of the workplace; however, this can also be a waste of time if the learners are bored throughout the exercise. It is` easy to lose focus; that is why trainers incorporate games and fun training activities in learning.