If you’ve gone through a skin biopsy you’re probably concerned that the area where you were cut is going to scar up. Some people do end up developing a scar, but only because they help their biopsy area heal properly. In order to avoid the skin growing back in scar form, there are certain things you have to do. These steps make it easy to figure out how to heal so you can enjoy skin that looks great.

Step 1. Clean the Affected Area

Cleaning the biopsy area is extremely important because it helps prevent bacteria from growing in large numbers. This means you won’t develop an infection and the area can rapidly heal, which is what you want! Wait for a day before you remove the bandage from the wound. After this, gently wash it with a mild soap and warm water. After you do this, you will need to pat it dry. Do NOT rub it dry or you could end up causing damage and irritating your skin.

Step 2. Apply Antibiotic Ointment

Your doctor can supply you with antibiotic ointment, but you can also pick some up at your local drug store. Apply this after you clean the area to ensure it is clean and fully protected. Only use a small amount as is directed on the package in order to see the best results. Ask your doctor how many times you need to apply it if you feel it should be applied more than what is directed.

Step 3. Apply New Bandage

Don’t replace the old bandage to the area where the biopsy was taken. This will only cause bacteria to infect your newly cleaned area. A new bandage should be applied on the area so that it completely covers it. In addition to this, you should make sure a new bandage is applied each time you clean the wound.

Step 4. Keep the Area Moist

Use petroleum jelly to keep the area moist so that it does not dry out. If a scab forms you are likely to develop a scar, which is something you probably do not want. You don’t have to look at it every hour, but every once in a while is important.


  • Don’t use a soap that has any perfumes or dyes in it when you are cleaning the area. These can cause infection and irritate the area so that it doesn’t heal properly.
  • Once the area doesn’t need a bandage make sure you moisturize it with a good lotion. This will help the skin repair itself.
  • Vitamin E will also help the skin repair itself once the bandage is taken off. You can find these in capsules that break apart easily.
  • Doing all of these things will speed up the healing process and result in no scar forming. There is no reason a scar should form if you take great care of the area!


Don’t be rough with the area right after you have the biopsy done. This could cause the skin to become very irritated, which will only cause you pain.