Despite their make or model battery issues continue to persist with smartphones. Devices and their associated apps might make us more productive and connect us with our family and friends on the go but they also cause our phones to frequently run out of power, especially when we need them the most. This does not only require us to frequently charge our phone but limits our freedom of usage in places where charging outlets are scarce.

Understanding the processes that put a strain on those precious power bars can help us squeeze more juice out of battery life. Here are a few tips and tricks to accomplish just that:


Adjust Brightness

Those high-definition pixels might be pretty to look at on your large screen smartphone but they also cause power to drop rapidly. Devices now boast incredible resolutions such as LG G3’s 2560 x 1440 pixels but what the manufacturers don’t mention is that they drain battery faster than any other piece of hardware on the phone. Though these displays are a noteworthy achievement, battery technology, unfortunately, hasn’t progressed at the same rate as anticipated leaving our phones out of juice even with minimal usage.

Reducing the phone’s brightness settings can significantly increase its up time. Manually adjusting brightness is highly recommended since auto-adjust uses the sensor technology that too uses battery to operate.


Switch off Wi-Fi

If you’re an internet junkie then there is a good chance you leave your phone’s Wi-Fi on, even when the device is out of range. The unavailability of a network does not only make your device fairly useless as far as browsing the Internet is concerned but also drains power due to unnecessary functioning of a hardware component. Switching off Wi-Fi when a network is unavailable can significantly boost battery life.


Video Streaming and Games

A high-definition display drains battery as mentioned above. Combine that with video streaming and unending Candy Crush sessions and you will often find yourself searching for the charger. The battery drains even faster if you’re playing a graphic intensive game over the Internet. Reducing HD movie play and online gaming can save battery life by more than 50%.


Location Services and GPS

Location based services and GPS present you with personalized content and help you determine your position so you don’t lose your way on a road trip. Used by apps like Google, Foursquare and even the camera, the services drain power at a rapid rate while attempting to update your location. Disabling location features completely or for select apps can save your device’s power for more important use.


You can disable location services by doing the following:


iOS: To disable location services on iOS devices go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and then choose System Services.

Android: Go to Settings -> Location. This method works on all stock Android devices.

Windows Phone: Click Start -> Settings and then select Location.

Blackberry 10: To disable location services on Blackberry 10 simply click Settings and then Location Services.


In addition, disabling Bluetooth headphones if applicable can also enhance your device’s power reserves