Groundbreaking technologies have changed the way that small businesses operate and how likely small business owners are to succeed. While technology as a whole has changed how all businesses operate, it is the newest and most innovative technologies that have benefited the small business community.

By leveraging the latest technologies, small business owners can compete with their gigantic competitors by appearing to be larger themselves and by running more efficiently. If you would like to level the sometimes-imbalanced playing field so that you have a fighting chance in your industry, here are some technologies that you can incorporate into your long-term plan.

Automate Basic HR Functions with a Human Resources Information System

Some companies will outsource their basic HR functions to reduce the toll that payroll, report drafting, filing and benefits management has on management. While outsourcing is an option, many small business owners are leveraging the latest Human Resources Information Systems to their advantage so that they can automate HR functions rather than outsource them.

Automating keeps the HR department within the organization but takes some of the basic functions off your plate to free up time for more complex functions. Not only do HRIS systems make managing your workforce, running reports and administering payroll easier, it is also extremely affordable compared to the monthly cost for outsourcing services.

Advanced VoIP Systems to Give Your Business a Bigger Voice

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, has evolved over the years to become an affordable option for small businesses who want a big telecommunications presence with advanced features. With a VoIP handset and a good provider, small businesses can look just as big as their competition with hold music, interactive call guides, extensions, call forwarding, talk-to-text email notifications, auto-attendants who direct calls and more. If you never want to miss an important call and you want your customers to reach the right person the first time, VoIP is an option that costs just a little and makes a big impact.

Improve Your Collaboration and Safely Store Files for Instant Access

You have probably heard of the cloud but really don’t understand what it is until you start to use it. When you use cloud-based storage and collaborative web tools like Dropbox, you will be able to save your files in a large server that can be accessed remotely with a password. This frees up space on your systems, ensures you can collaborate with partners and managers, and also saves confidential documents so that they are never lost if you experience a system crash. Run more efficiently and do not remain at the mercy of a printer when you want to secure an account on the road.

Social Media Dashboard for Easier Marketing Management

As a small business owner, you need to be open to all of different types of marketing. You may use Facebook to communicate with your followers, Twitter to send short blurbs of information, LinkedIn to connect with other professionals, and YouTube for fun media marketing. Managing all of these efforts on your own can be tiring, but it is too expensive to hire your own marketing firm. One way to leverage technology is to use a social media dashboard so that everything is displayed on a single channel. You can post to each profile and even reply via this integrated dashboard.

Small business owners of today do not only need to be entrepreneurial at heart, they need to be technologically inclined. You can use your business acumen to analyze trends and to make smart business moves, but do not stretch yourself too thin. By incorporating some of the groundbreaking tech that has been developed into your business operations, you can save time and make more money.