Vacations are the most exciting time of your life! First, you plan where you want to go, then you plan the things to take with you. But another important thing to plan out is the outfit you wear on the way to your trip. You want to look good but this does not mean that you wear a dress or skirt on your flight.

People who constantly board the airplane always know a thing or two more than those who rarely travel by air on how to make their journey tolerable and fun.

Air travel is not as glamorous as it sounds. There are a number of flights that take more than 13 hours by air to reach your destination point. The long flight may stress you out and leave you exhausted. Imagine wearing high heels and a long skirt on that flight — sound uncomfortable right? Don’t make such a mistake!

Of course, you would plan for your vacation, but you need to plan things out for your flight as well. The important thing to decide is the clothes to wear that make you feel at ease and provide comfort for a long duration of time. That is why if you don’t take these measures beforehand, you may have regrets throughout your whole air travel experience.

Once you have dealt with the necessary measures to make your air travels a little less tension-filled, you will have the most comfortable journey no matter how many times you board the plane in the future.

Here are some ideas of comfortable and stylish clothing options to choose from:

Palazzo Pants:

Palazzo pants are truly a blessing created by the fashion industry. This fabulous piece of fabric not only looks stylish and chic when you put them on, but they are also known to be one of the most comfortable pants that you ever come across.

These are like loose pants and come in soft materials — perfect for that long flight! These are in style and many women wear these for comfort.

They are also a number of ways you can mesh them up with other clothing items to complete a glamorous look without having to sacrifice your comfort in the process. For instance, try out a small top of a color matching with the palazzo pants to balance out the overall outfit for a cute and chic look. Add a small purse to the look with some flats or sandals for the final touch.  

Oversized Tops and Leggings:

A casual and comfy look can be perfected by opting to wear oversized shirts and leggings. These are common these days as women wear these to run errands, such as grocery, shopping, exercising etc. This type of outfit comes under athleisure — outfits are worn for working out, leggings, yoga pants, etc. This outfit is used for traveling as well.

The combination of the two, a light colored oversized shirt with dark leggings, serves a great function of creating a comfortable and chic look which can be worn on multiple occasions and still not look out of place.

The oversized top gives you more breathable space and hides any unnecessary fat bulges you don’t want to deal with during air travel. As for the leggings, they are lightweight and stretchable, making it easier to move your legs without any discomfort. Dark colored leggings hide any mishap or spill you might encounter during your air travels. Pair them up with matching sneakers to enhance the style and comfort.  

Tent Dresses:

This popular piece of dressing is highly recommended, that is ideal for any long haul trips especially for the warmer season air travels.

This versatile and breezy clothing, made from soft cotton, is comfortable enough to wear on a plane just as much as any other weekend outing when you can’t be bothered to put on fitted clothing.

Wear them either in simple and plain colors or opt for prints and patterned designs on the tent dress for a more stylish getup. Rock this look with either flats or heels — depends on which ones you are most comfortable walking in.

Crop Tops:

Crop Tops are your allies when enduring the warm weather. And another great thing about them is that you can pair these up with various pieces of clothing – dresses, skirts, jeans etc. – and always be able to create an alluring and seductive appearance in these combined outfits.

Try on your colored choice of crop tops with track pants or with stretchable high waisted denim jeans. To keep yourself prepared for any changes in the weather, because it does get cold on the plane, carry a blazer or a jacket with you. You can put it on when it’s cold or simply carry it — either way you would still look stylish.

Additional Layers

When it comes to traveling by air, there are a lot of things you may have to deal with. For instance, you may get cold or your clothes might get dirty if you spill a drink on them by accident. It is always good to keep extra clothes in your hand carry for such situations.

In these cases, keeping a jacket, trench coat or even a cardigan can be the perfect solution as they are beneficial for air journeys in several ways.

The clothes you choose depend on many factors, such as weather, the amount of time you wear the outfit, and comfort. You must remember that if you don’t feel confident in what you wear, then you must choose a different outfit. These clothing items mentioned above, make you look stylish — even in the long flight to your destination, you must look good.