You can make money from your blog or website in many ways. Advertising and affiliate marketing are the most best moneymaking methods for bloggers, who have high quality contents. Here we talking about the affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing services out there and Viglink is one of the best way to monetize your blog.

Viglink is a service that turns your website’s existing links content into profitable tie-ups with affiliate marketing programs. It works on a very different way than other affiliate programs. It converts your normal outgoing links into Affiliate links and if users make a purchase, you will get a referral commission out of it. To get an informative explanation about How It Works, check out the video below:

To install Viglink in your blog/website all you have to do, sign up with your email address and install their plugin then enter your API key in the Settings panel. Viglink take a 25% cut of all commissions that you receive from links that have been converted to affiliate links.You can find more information about Viglink services on their support blog. Sign up now and get paid from your content!.