Today, when the cloud is becoming a replacement for numerous hardware and software solutions, businesses are starting to use cloud services on a much larger scale. As the number of these services is growing, businesses can save large amounts of money thanks to the scalability and adaptability of the cloud packages. But, every business first has to sort out the most important cloud-related issue – protection from hackers.

Finding a Reliable Provider Is Getting You Half Way There

People who decide to invest money in their life insurance spend months analyzing and discussing the best offers on the market. Only when they are sure that they have found the most reliable company do they start paying their insurance installments. Using the cloud for your business services is almost the same thing – you choose someone to take care of your valuables. What makes it different from life insurance is the fact that this time you have to pay them to keep a good eye on your belongings. So, take your time and choose a provider that you know is praised as a reliable one.

Verify Your Cloud Account

Since choosing a trustworthy provider is a well-begun-but-half-done action, every business owner has to take further steps to stay in the hacker-free zone. One of the most efficient methods for staying out of any hackers’ reach is giving additional layers to your cloud account, known as the two-factor verification. During this process you need to insert your password, as well as a security code to access your cloud account. Although it is not a 100% safe system, it decreases the possibility of being hacked.

Valuable Data Should Be Left out of the Cloud

You can keep your photos from business conferences and old business data in the cloud, but financial reports and new business plans should be kept away from the cloud. No matter how well you have protected your account, you can never know what spectacular innovations hackers are going to come up with. Every encryption is sooner or later cracked; or is it so?

Super Protection with pCloud

The last statement in the previous paragraph is being denied as we speak. Cloud users can now opt for the services provided by pCloud, which include a unique challenge for hackers to break into this company’s special encryption code. They even offered an award for the lucky hacker. Up to now, their code has not been broken.

In addition to this special encryption, they keep their clients’ data safe with the help of TLS/SSL protocols, which are used for the data transfer. Also, they store that data on several servers (at least three locations) to make sure they are completely safe.

Occasional Password Change

Using more than one computer can increase the risk of experiencing cloud account hacking. If you have to use several machines due to your business needs, you can increase the level of protection by frequent password changes. According to a survey analyzed by SC Magazine, cloud users often put themselves at risk only because they keep using their old credentials. Opposed to that, coming up with new passwords from time to time can take your cloud account safety to a much higher level.

The cloud is like an enormous digital flea market and we all know that pickpockets like flea markets. So, to keep your data safe from virtual pickpockets, use our advice and keep your cloud experience free from any hackers’ attacks.