Back in the 1980s, Sony revolutionised the way we listened to music with its ground breaking portable music device, the Walkman. Prior to that, if you wanted to listen to music on the go, you took your stereo with you, no matter how big and cumbersome. Fast forward to the digital age where iPods, iPhones and a multitude of other portable devices make it possible to carry around your entire music library wherever you are.

The smart phone has got to be the ultimate portable entertainment device. Not only does it have the capabilities for storing large amounts of music, but its mobile data connection enables the user to download tracks directly to its music library.

If you are looking for a basic, no frills music player, then you can’t go wrong with an MP3 player. These are good value for money and have a longer battery life than smart phones. Portable media players such as the iPod offer a middle ground between an MP3 player and a smart phone and have many of the features without the monthly costs.

How to get great sound on the go

If you are planning on listening to music on the go, then you’ll want to ensure that the sound you receive is of the highest quality. Headphones come in a wide variety of types and styles, from several different brand names. These range from lightweight, budget options worn inside the ear to state-of-the-art headphones favoured by DJs and sound engineers. Many of the better quality ones such as Beats personal headphones, deliver amazing sound and are engineered from top quality audio materials.

Main types of headphone:


These headphones have ear pads that fit around the outside of the ear, containing all sound within the ear pad and ear. Popular in recording studios, these headphones deliver top-notch sound and are very effective at filtering out ambient noise.


Although still popular, these are the original style of headphone, common in the 1980s when the Sony Walkman was launched. The foam ear pads sit on the ears and are connected by an adjustable band that stretches over the head. They may emit a ‘tinny’ sound to the outside world.

Ear Buds

Small and lightweight, these are a good budget option. They are placed outside the ear canal and are effective at blocking outside noise, although they are notorious for falling out.

In-ear Headphones

These extend into the ear canal itself. They are much better than ear buds at blocking out external sound and are less prone to falling out.

When it comes to listening to music on the go, the opportunities are endless. Technology is constantly evolving, giving us a sophisticated range of smart phones and other devices such as iPods and MP3 players.

Not only do these platforms offer endless ways in which to store and listen to music, but the latest in mobile technology means that downloading music couldn’t be easier. Having a great pair of headphones will ensure that you really get the best out of your portable music device.