You pay a small fortune in Internet access speeds and hardware, so you might as well get the most for your money by making sure you get the most consistent and fastest Internet access possible. Here are simple steps that homeowners can take.

Location, Location, Location

According to Solarus, where you place your router makes all the difference. It needs as little interference from indoor objects as possible in order to work at its best. The best place to put routers is on top of desks or similar flat surfaces. If this cannot be done, consider installing a wall mount in the middle floor of your home. Avoid placing them on the floor, in room corners or in between large objects like televisions and DVD players.

Move to Router’s Room

Your computer or other wireless device usually will work faster if it is in the same room that the router is in. Remove any objects in between the router and the device you need to use. This is especially helpful when talking to tech support about your hardware, software or Internet connection problems. Getting to see all of the devices at once helps tech support to diagnose whatever problem you may be having.

Water and Internet Connections Don’t Mix

Many people place a drink or vase of flowers near their routers. Some people even place them near fish tanks, bath tubs and even jacuzzis. Wireless signals move slower through liquids than they do air. Move the router or the liquid-filled objects.


How many devices in your home rely on your Internet connection? The more devices that use your router, the slower your connection will be. During times when the fastest speed possible is a must, start unplugging or turning off phones, gaming consoles, baby cameras or pet cams. Just keep one or two devices online.


Think of rebooting your router as preventative maintenance. Router software updates often so a reboot is necessary to get the new updates. If you have trouble remembering to do this, you can reboot at the same time every day or install an automatic plug-in timer often used for room lights to your router.

The Tin Foil Hack

Foil reflects many things and can boost your router power. Take strips of aluminum (tin) foil and curve them around the back of your router. Some people prefer to mount the tin foil parabolas on attachable antennas, but this is not necessary. You can even download a template to cut out and glue tin foil to.