We all love to hear Music and we spend thousands of bucks to buy latest MP3 players that comes with the most important part our musical experience, the Headphone or Earphone. Some of us don’t really give too much attention on which headphone. Now, it’s time to pay some attention to this accessory. Next time you step out to purchase a new headphone, you need to decide on the type that fits your need.

Headphones are available in 5 different types. Let’s checkout.


iPod white Earbuds

These are the type that sit inside the cavity of your outer ears.

Pros: Compact; a model for every budget.

Cons: Does not reproduce audiophile- quality sound; people with smaller ears might find earbuds uncomfortable; prone to falling out during strenuous activity like jogging or exercising.

Ideal for: Budget-conscious , casual music listeners looking for a small sized-pair.

In-canal Earphones

In-canal Earphones

These are use silicone or foam tips to fit snugly into the auditory canal. In-canal Earphones usually comes with two to three ‘tips’ of different sizes to create a comfortable fit for everyone.

Pros: Fit like plugs to create a seal of isolation that keeps music in and external sounds out.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable especially if tips have a rough or hard finish and really good pairs are steeply priced.

Ideal for: Travelers or commuters because they keep out external sounds.


canal buds earphones

These are erabuds with as slight extension that sit lightly into the ear canal to create isolation. These are come with two to three silicone covers of different sizes.

Pros: Better sound quality than earbuds and more comfortable than In-canal earphones.

Cons: More expensive than earbuds and sound isolation not as good than In-canal earphones.

Ideal for: Those who find In-canal earphones uncomfortable; but are looking for better noise isolation than earbuds.

Ear-pad Headphones

Ear-pad Headphones

Ear-pad Headphones have sponge pads that cover your ears; usually connected via a flexible metal band that is worn over the head or around the back of your neck.

Pros: Comfortable to wear, good sound and easy to handle.

Cons: Noise isolation is not as good as .sound leaks to the out side. These are more expensive compared to most headphones.

Ideal for:Those who listen to music when excising. The metal band ensure that the headphone don’t fall of, also it’s allows you to hear surrounding sounds.

Full-size Headphones

Full-size Headphones

Full-size Headphones are the type you might have seen DJs wearing at a discotheque. These are come with padded ear cups that surround ears completely.

Pros: Comfortable to wear, great audiophile-quality sound with bass boost and also good for nois isolation.

Cons: Very expensive large size affects portability.

Ideal for: Professional DJs or indoor use.

These are the 5 different headphones. So what is your choice? The choice is entirely up to you. These would also be prudent to try out different varieties to see which sits most comfortably and what works best for you. When it comes to sound your years are your best judge.