The risk of injury increases with the increase in age. The falls are the leading cause of injury among most of the elderly people and every year thousands of elderly people are treated in hospitals for their injuries caused due to falls. There are a number of reasons for injuries in elderly people and one can easily avoid these injuries by taking some precautions and necessary steps. The main components that cause fall injuries in elderly people are – balance, mobility, leg strength and exercise. The risk factors increase with age and is greater in case of women compared to men. Below are the necessary steps that can be taken to prevent fall injuries in elderly.

Encourage them to do some physical activity

Most of the elderly people don’t exercise, which results in inflexibility and poor muscular tone. The muscles and bones become weaker with age and this is one of the reasons of elderly falls. Hence, it is very essential to encourage them to do regular exercise which helps them in building strength. Preparing a daily workout schedule will help them to stay fit and healthy.
Taking care of medications – Most of the prescribed medicines which elderly people use may increase the risk of falling. Due to the medicines they eat, they may feel drowsy, dizzy and may fall down.

Improve the lighting

Improve the lighting inside and outside the house and try to keep the windows and doors opened. One can keep the lights on during the night, so that the elderly can see easily at nights. As you grow older, you need brighter light to see properly. Increasing the bulb wattage is a good idea to make the rooms more brighter.

Avoid keeping furnitures in the center of the room

The furniture placed in the center of the room can be risky for elderly. One should move the furniture in the room against the wall or out of the walking path. Keep things like – books, shoes, clothes, rugs etc. in cupboards. Clear all the unwanted items from the walking path and try to make the path hurdle free.

Use non-slip mats and tiles

You can put non-slip tiles and mats in bathrooms, balconies and other places where the chances of slippery is more.

Install rails in the house

You can prevent fall injuries in elderly by installing rails in bathrooms, hall area, balconies and garden. They can walk comfortably by taking the support of the rails, which may lessen the chances of falling.

There are a number of other techniques which can be used to make the home safer. By using the above tips and guidelines, one can easily prevent fall injuries in elderly. Implementing the above tips may need a great effort, but with a little effort you can help your loved ones live in a safe environment and enjoy their coming years with happiness.