As data storage goes digital, businesses are more at risk of a security breach than ever before. Nowadays, attacks and threats can be done from a remote location behind the mask of an IP address. This is why businesses must spend more time creating all-encompassing and strategic security plans that monitor and protect both physical property and electronic data from possible attacks. If you’re not sure how to go about investing in digital security, here are some tips on securing all of those files.

Start By Conducting a Security Audit

Before you can identify what you need to change to secure your digital data, you’ll need to perform a thorough security audit. By working with an expert IT professional, you can see where vulnerabilities lie and what types of programs you’ll need to thwart the efforts of hackers who are attempting to access your servers, networks, laptops or even your mobile devices.

Be Sure to Encrypt Sensitive Data

In today’s mobile business climate, it’s especially important that you encrypt data with the right databases and servers. You can find security suites that come equipped with encryption featuresthat keep your information safe as it’s being transmitted over the server and through applications used on mobile devices. In the event of a breach, your digital files won’t easily be compromised.

Backup Data So It’s Easy to Recover

Securing data is important, but it’s also important that you can access data after computers are wiped by an attack. This is why backup protocols should become a part of your security plan. Consider backing up sensitive data with a trusted cloud service provider, or on offsite servers if you choose traditional and more tedious backup methods.

Set Security Policies and Invest in Security Awareness Training

You need to make sure that your employees know that working securely is their responsibility. This is why you need to set clear and simple policies that they’re equipped to adhere to. Hold meetings and address issues if you notice threats. It’s also advised that you invest in security awareness training from Global Learning Servicesand similar companies so that employees who aren’t informed know how their actions could lead to a security breach. The time and money spent will make your data even more secure.

Even one security breach could lead to serious financial loss that could be hard to recover from when you’re starting off. With the right security practices and the proper preparation, you can safeguard your digital data from both natural disasters and intentional and malicious hacker attacks. Price the cost of programs and services, and get your office up to speed on security.