WordPress is a most commonly using CMS (Content management System)  or blogging platform around the globe.  Most of  users are happy and contented using WordPress. I think, the main goal of WordPress is, fully  customizable  as u like. Did you ever think about , your WordPress blog is secured from hackers or the spammers of today that affect your blog?.

If your yes or not, it is very important to think.  So how to secure our WordPress blog or website?. I don’t like to scare you, but it is very important.  Let’s discuss.

How to secure WordPress blog?

I would like to  let you know  the 3 main reasons that we can’t properly secure a WordPress site until we have a heads-up on its vulnerabilities and the threats it faces.

Always Update the software

wordperess update message

There is no as such blogging  system which is completely impervious to bugs and susceptibilities. By updating the software  you can protect your blog from  HACKERS and SPAMMERS . if you are sticking to the old one can invite the hackers with doors open. In September 2009, a wave of attacks spread across WordPress sites which did not use the latest version of the software. I  won’t wish that to happen with you.

So update your WordPress sites immediately, why should you take a risk?.

Select a Strong and Unique Password.

strong password

The password  is a secret keyword to protect your blog/site. The  important question is, how to keep the password  protected. First of all,  you should  select a strong password . So how to select a strong password and unique?.  Kindly avoid common phrases ( names,phone numbers, etc…). Mix  upper (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) letters with some special characters(@,#,%,etc..) and   numbers(0-9). For example “H@9I@k2a”. Having mixed password  will confuse to  the hackers.

The main part is, Do not share your password with anyone. Kindly avoid logging in to your WordPress’s admin section at public places like Internet Cafes, Colleges etc.. You should constantly( at least once in three months) keep changing your password to something that is out of the reach of one’s mind.

Avoid using admin account

An admin account is a default user account which is created with every WordPress installation. Using an admin account is like inviting the hackers for a battle with out any weapons. With the admin account,the hackers can destroy your blog as they like. So play a safe part and change or username of admin account or use another user account to blogging.

So, always take these precautions when your start a WordPress blog because, “prevention is always better than cure”.. You can also make use of certain WordPress plugins like WP Security Scan, Secure WordPress and few other popular ones.

Happy Blogging 🙂