How to: Setting up a WordPress Blog (Interactive Guide)


When it comes to blogging, WordPress is arguably the king on the market. With over 55 million sites, the WordPress network is incredibly diverse. So when it comes to setting up either a personal or small business blog, the choice is pretty easy. But let’s be honest, for those who aren’t web developers setting up any sort of site can be a time consuming and overall confusing process. Do you use or do you self-host? How do you create a custom url? What are permalinks? The questions can be endless.

Interactive WordPress Guide

With all these struggles in mind, the folks over at Simply Business have created an awesome interactive guide to setting up WordPress. With videos, articles and a host of tips, navigating through the setup process should be breeze.

Click following link to launch the WordPress for Small Business Interactive guide:

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Luke Clum

Luke Clum is a Seattle based designer who specializes in web design and online marketing. He’s fascinated by the power of the internet to act as a catalyst for creative ideas. You can follow him on twitter @lukeclum

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