The Website is an important element of small business and keywords play a significant role in promoting your business, whether it is small or big. The keywords allow the websites to be searchable for business and generate good traffic to the website. The company’s online approach must include using the SEO properly to draw more traffic to your website, which is possible only with proper selection of keywords.

The search engine strategy is to rank high for your preferred keyword on the main search engines. The companies do not have to spend millions of dollars to have an online marketing campaign. You can promote your business through social networking sites like – Facebook and twitter. A popular way is to use an effective SEO based keyword strategy which increases traffic to the website and at the same time helps with search engine optimization. Raise the visibility of your website by choosing the right keyword and blog them well on your website.


It is really difficult to get good keywords, which give your website a lot of exposure. There are many ways and tools to make right use of keywords and manipulate them. Before building a website, one must keep in mind a few things. You must create a text document and type all the important keywords related to your website. Writing the keywords forces you to consider the importance and appropriate words carefully.

Write the niches and blogs using the keywords in the list prepared by you. Polish the articles, so that they convey an appropriate message for your business. Update the list of keywords regularly, to improve how you communicate with the target audience. Incorporate the keywords into your website as a part of smart SEO strategy. Search the engine index information in the biography on your website. Generally, the keyword density in an article or content should be 1.5% to 2%. So don’t overdo it.

The keywords and SEO techniques are useless, unless the keywords describe the product you are promoting. It is important to know the top 5 keywords which describe your products and help in promoting your business successfully. It is very important to place one or some of the keywords in the title of your website. The keywords should be used throughout the website content, but be careful not to overdo it.

Plan to use some descriptive keywords along with the business name in the home page. The words which people are most likely to search on must appear in the title. The title is an important identity in the search engines. Include the desired keywords in the headers, as, Search engines consider the keywords which appear in the headlines and subheads to give importance to the page. Position the keywords in the first paragraph of your body text. Don’t stuff the keywords artificially in the content.