Most of us do not spend enough time outdoors. Rather we spend our evenings in front of the TV and our days in front of the computer, and then wonder why we feel depressed and bored half the time and why we’re always getting ill. Spending more time outdoors is crucial if we want to be healthy and happy so it’s worth making the effort… it’s just a shame that it is an effort in the first place.

People don’t spend all their time indoors for no reason you see. For while the outdoors might be very good for us, it also tends to be cold a lot of the time, full of bugs, wet and distinctly lacking in entertainment. On a Saturday afternoon you have a choice of either sitting outside in the cold/fighting off sunburn while at the same time avoiding bugs and dander – or sitting indoors where the temperature is just right and you have a nice comfortable armchair to relax into… it’s easy to see why people don’t spend more time outside.

So what if you could enjoy the best of both worlds? What if you could bring the benefits of being outdoors… indoors? Thanks to modern technology that might just be more possible than you’d think, so read on to see how you can bring the outside in…

Sky Factory eScape


Did you know that simply looking at the colour green can improve your health by reducing cortisol (stress hormone) and easing your heartrate? That’s because we are programmed through evolution to associate green with grass, water and natural resources. In the wild green would have signalled safety and tranquillity, and we still respond to it that way today.

So if just the colour green can have that effect on you, then imagine what the Sky Factory escape could do – by replacing your Window with a ‘fake’ window showing images of any scene you choose on an LED screen, whether that’s a beautiful green landscape or Niagra falls.

Sound Oasis Deluxe

But just seeing Niagara falls out your window isn’t going to be very convincing without the sound effects to back it up. That then is where the Sound Oasis Deluxe comes in, which can be adjusted to play any sound you choose to create a relaxing ambience. That might mean the sound of Niagra falls, or just the sounds of the beach. Either way it can once again help you to unwind and imagine yourself somewhere scenic and relaxing.

Smell Generator SMX 1

If you really want to complete the sensory illusion that you’re sitting on a sunny beach, or that you’re somewhere else scenic and relaxed, then the Smell Generator SMX 1 is the final piece of the puzzle that will provide the smells to go along with the sights and sounds. Indulgent yes, but undoubtedly a conversation piece…

Green Grass Flip Flops


These flip flops made from grass fall very much into the ‘novelty’ category of gadget, but can still help you feel as though you’re walking through meadows. And best of all, they don’t need mowing or watering.

The Daylight Lamp


Daylight lamps are lamps designed to help sufferers who struggle with ‘SAD’ or ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’. These lamps give off light that is on a similar wavelength to the sun, which can fool the brain into feeling as though it’s outside. Better yet, these lamps can be designed to get gradually brighter in the morning to wake you gently in a very natural manner.


It may be a stretch to claim that a multivitamin tablet is a gadget, but it’s certainly a ‘technology’ of a kind and one that can help provide some more of the health benefits of actually being outdoors – specifically in this case by giving you that all important vitamin D.

Retractable Roof


Finally, if you really want to make one of your indoor rooms feel like it’s outdoors, then the best ‘gadget’ you can buy is undoubtedly a retractable roof. This way you can keep the room safe and secure most of the time, and then simply pull back the roof once the sun comes out to start enjoying those rays.