One of the nicest benefits about having a Smartphone is that you still have many of the benefits of having a computer without having to lug around a heavy laptop. There are a lot of things that your Smartphone is able to do such as make call, text, surf the web, play games, take pictures or video, and now you can even use your phone as a webcam. A webcam is quite beneficial since you do not have to take a picture of something and then text the picture to the person that you are trying to show the picture. Most phones will not allow you to send pictures while you are talking on the phone, so you will have to hang-up in order to send the picture, and then call the person back. The webcam can help to avoid this entire headache all you have to do is download the app that will allow you to convert your camera on your phone to a webcam.

Below are the steps that you will need to follow in order to be able to setup the camera on your Android as a webcam:

  1. Check that your phone has the minimum requirements in order to be able to convert your camera into a webcam. Not every brand can be used when converting the camera to a webcam, so first make sure that your phone is an approved brand before going through the entire headache to download an app that may not work. See Approved Phone Brands
  2. Download an app that will work with your phone in converting your camera to a webcam. There are several options available that will allow you to do so it just depends on which one is the best rated one to work with your phone.The top apps for download are:
    • IP Webcam – the IP Webcam is a free application that you can download to your Android that will allow you to convert your camera to a webcam. It is well rated and can be accessed via Google Play.
    • Smart Webcam – Smart Webcam is also a free app and can be accessed via the Marketplace or the Google Play store. It is a free app and is rated as one of the top converting apps for an Android. Some phones have had some issues with the app crashing, but it needs to be used on a private network and cannot be used on a 3G network.
    • DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro – DroidCamX costs $4.30 and has a lot of benefits that some of the other apps may not allow. It can easily communicate with your computer or be used solo through almost any internet connection.
  3. Setup your Settings. You will want to make sure that the settings of your webcam app are set to the correct resolution and your username and password is setup so that you can easily log-on and use your webcam. You can check your settings under the application settings area of your phone.

The fact that you can setup your Android to work as a webcam can be quite beneficial and convenient. The fact that there are several apps that you can download through your Google Play store for free also means that you can acquire the webcam option at a minimal cost. You no longer have to only be able to use your video chat option with a webcam on your computer. You can now take it with you on your Android and enjoy the benefits of having a webcam wherever you go.