Changing careers can be difficult, especially when you want to venture into a competitive field. Using LinkedIn to search for a job is a good idea because it also helps you to network with like-minded individuals. Many people in the UAE are not aware that having a LinkedIn profile is not enough; what matters is how you utilize this platform. However, don’t forget that an organized LinkedIn page can be a great way to attract employers.

Why You Need LinkedIn for Your Career Change

If you feel that it is time for a career change, you can seek career transition services on how to go about this process. Your LinkedIn profile is arranged systematically to resemble a resume; for instance, summary, your experience, then education. All the sections are important; however, the experience part is the most fundamental.

For a unique profile focus on the summary section, this is now incorporated in the snapshot area. Use this part to express and demonstrate your potential and abilities to potential employers rather than doing this in the experience section.

Another reason why you need a LinkedIn profile is that you cannot rely solely on your experience section. This is because your new career and accomplishments don’t match. You ought to show skills that will get you the career you want.

The best way to display your value on this platform is by using the summary section. Focus on your accomplishments and how they relate to the job you want. Conclude this section with your career goals.

Using Your LinkedIn Profile for Career Transition

How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition 1

Your LinkedIn page is the first thing that appears when your name is typed on the browser. Below are ways you can use this platform to your advantage during a career change:

Write a Captivating Headline

A career transition coach will advise you that your headline ought to be straightforward and interesting. One mistake that most folks make is that they use their current position on their headlines. Think about how you want potential employees to look at you.

SEO-Friendly Summary

Consider making your summary impressive by describing yourself and significant achievements. A career transition assistance expert can help you to use keywords that will help recruiters in your field of interest to easily locate you. The best way to do this is by searching job listings for the position you are interested in and including recurring words in your summary.

Avoid Unnecessary Words

How does your profile look to people who are not familiar with your field of expertise?  Some words might confuse people outside your industry. The best thing to do is to seek career transition consulting services to help you communicate your value and skills to employees. Concentrate on the skills you have, which are useful to the career you want to change to.

Media is Your Friend

You can link your portfolio to your profile to showcase your accomplishments and if you can use your profile picture to pass a message do so. For instance, it could be a picture of you doing a group presentation; this will display your skill of public speaking. Remember, your profile picture should convey the correct message.

Impressive Summary

After writing your headline and capturing potential employers’ attention, you ought to keep them hooked. Tell your captive story, but ensure that you use first-person language. The LinkedIn summary allows you to use up to 2000 characters, which is enough to write an impressive summary. Write about your significant accomplishments and merge them with the career you want.


When you are satisfied that your headline and summary are impressive, focus on your experience. A career transition coach can help you to organize your experience without leaving out any important aspects. Continue writing in the first person and concentrate on your skills and responsibilities. Remember only to include responsibilities and abilities relevant to the job you are seeking. Reinforce your accomplishments by highlighting the problems you solved and the outcomes of your actions.


Like all LinkedIn profiles, add recommendations to positions relevant to the new job you are seeking. To make this part interesting include testimonials because this will attract more employers to read, and your profile will stand out among many.


You can show recruiters that you are serious about your career change by including in your profile the location you want to work. This shows a willingness to move to where jobs are located. Update your profile and include the address and zip code of the area you want to work. Sometimes recruiters look for people who are willing to move closer to the job.

Most people know that LinkedIn is the ideal place to search for jobs and change careers. However, most job-seekers don’t know how to utilize their profiles to attract potential employees. A simple way to do this is by thinking about your accomplishments and how they can help you land that position you seek.