Most of the apps on the Apple store need to be paid for and this makes it difficult for you to download too many of them. A lot of times people tend to forget about movie or television show streaming apps because they don’t want to pay extra money for it. If you have an iPad and you are keen on watching some of your favorite television shows online without spending money then here are a few apps that you need to consider downloading.


Most of the time people invest in iPads for their kids and if you are also one of those people who got the iPad for your kid then downloading Viewster will be a smart thing to do. This is an amazing TV app that is dedicated to animated movies and cartoons. Your kids will love to watch the various shows here.

Tubi TV

Not a lot of people know this but Tubi TV has some amazing movies that have been recently released. The unique part of Tubi TV is that you will access to international TV as well such as Korean drama or even Japanese shows. The one drawback for Tubi TV is you will have to bear with the commercial interruptions as that is their way of monetizing the app. While Tubi TV may not be the best, it is certainly one app that will help you to watch TV serials for free all day long and the one odd commercial break is a small price to pay.

Pluto TV

Have you come across an online streaming channel that represents your cable TV service at home? This is exactly what Pluto TV is all about. This is not an on demand website but it has channels that have certain programs featuring at specific times. These guides are divided into a number of categories and you can watch a number of old classics as well. With the help of Pluto TV you will be able to watch amazing mystery, science and super natural movies. This is one of the best serial apps to download.


Just like the name suggests, this movie and television show app is dedicated to the age old classics. While there are a number of apps that you can use, Rewinder is one of the only apps that you will find that gives you a good dose of all the old classics you missed watching. One of the best things about this app is that the movies are sorted out by category so you can browse through them all just in case you forgot the name of a movie and you’re keen on watching it. You can also check out the movies based on the director. If you have a favorite director and you’re keen on watching all the movies made by that director, this app will help you to do that easily.


Everyone loves MegaBox and can never get enough of it and for good reason too. MegaBox is one of the best online movie streaming apps that you will find today. However not many know this but megabox-hd is also known for online streaming of TV shows. You will be able to watch complete series of TV shows and you can even catch up with some old classics. This is something that no other movie streaming app can offer you. With the help of MegaBox you will get more than your daily dose of entertainment. You will even get your daily dose of drama, mystery and even horror. With MegaBox in your phone, you will never have to worry about what is playing on the television ever again.


If you enjoyed the comedy television shows then all you need to do is download the Crackle app today. This is a great app for all who love comedy and enjoy television shows such as ‘The Cable Guy’, ‘Men At Work’ and ‘Seinfield’. The best part about the app is that it is free to download and it will work very well on your iPad. The serials don’t take long to load so you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted viewing experience. While there are a few advertisements that come up in between the shows, these are short ads that you won’t really mind watching.


Viki is known for the largest collection of international TV shows. There are a number of TV shows that you will never get to see if you do not have an app such as Viki. Viki features TV shows from Japan, Korea, India, China and many other countries. There are subtitles available for all the shows and this will help you to watch the shows even if you do not understand the language. You will even be able to get an amazing viewing experience because there are absolutely no commercials on this app. You can sort the content on the app by country as well as genre.

Streaming movies online is a new trend that has taken the world by storm. Movie makers are now recognizing this trend and are making movies available for movie streaming apps. This is a great way to end piracy and give movie goers the theater like experience at home. There is no shortage of movies and serials to watch, however time is a constraint for everybody. This is taken care of by apps such as MegaBox. With the help of these movie streaming apps, you can now be entertained any time of the day or night without having to stress about spending a lot of money at a movie theater. You do not even have to watch the poor quality DVD’s that are available on rental. With these apps, you can even watch the movie lazing on your lounge. You need to make sure you go ahead and subscribe to a movie streaming app today itself and keep your daily entertainment in your pocket wherever you go.