There are many different types of TVs available for purchase. TV companies have made great technological strides over the past few years and they have managed to continually improve the quality of TVs that are in the market. However, this also poses a dilemma for shoppers as there are so many different options and that can lead to confusion as to which type of TV is best to buy. To break this down and make it easier to you to decide which TV is best for you, we will compare and contrast the three types of TVs that are available at all major stores.

When you are out buying a TV, you can choose from three major kinds of TVs. There is the LCD HDTV, the LED HDTV and the Plasma HDTV. All three types are in high definition, which means when you watch HDDVDs, Blu Rays or HD television channels you will have the benefit of the brighter, crisper and clearer HD picture on all these televisions. You will also get the ultimate experience if you play video games on your TV, such as the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

The three types of televisions also have many differences. LCD HDTVs tend to be the cheapest of the three. A 42 inch LCD HDTV will be more affordable than 42 inch plasma or a 42 inch LED HDTV. So if you are looking for a TV but has a budget, then the LCD HDTV might be the one for you.

Brightness is often a huge issue with televisions. People do not want to have to view a dim image and they want to see bright, clear colors on the screen. While HD makes this possible on all the TVs, the LED HDTV still wins among the three types. LED HDTVs are notoriously brighter and have sharper images than LCD HDTVs or plasma HDTVs.

On the other hand, plasma HDTVs are renowned for having a very high contrast ratio. The contrast ratio is known as the difference between the brightest color and the darkest color. The higher the ratio, the more realistic and better quality image will be presented on the television set. The LED HDTV actually comes in last in this category, with the LCD HDTV being second.

Plasma HDTVs also have the best viewing angles. So if you are planning on having a lot of people over to watch movies, sports or play video games, you might want to get a plasma HDTV. This way even someone sitting in the corner of the room with a bad angle towards the TV will be able to see a clear, sharp image.

Some people believe that energy consumption plays a huge role in which TV they will buy. If that is the case for you, then you should know that the LED HDTV has the least energy consumption, whereas the LCD HDTV has the most energy consumption.

At the end of the day, there is just so much good about all three types of HDTVs. There are so many variables that differ in each of them that it is impossible to pick out one specific type of TV that is better to purchase than another. That is why it is crucial to check out a TV before you buy it. Go to a store where they are all on display, that way you can see the same video playing on all TVs and decide which one you would prefer to have in your house. It is also important to go for the best brands when it comes to TVs. They might be more expensive, but they will have the best picture quality as well.