How WordPress and Ecwid are the Perfect Marriage


Just like a fairy tale romance, combining a CMS platform and e-commerce site creates the perfect marriage for online stores. Ecwid, an online store builder, was specifically designed to function smoothly with all self-hosted WordPress sites, as well as those created with In fact, Ecwid is one of only a few e-commerce solutions available for and Business users following an eagerly awaited release.

There are many valuable e-commerce options, but by marrying WordPress and Ecwid, your business will benefit tremendously as you’ll have complete control over tons of features. Just as WordPress enables you to customize the look and function of your site, Ecwid empowers you with the control over everything including inventory management, customer interaction, shipping, payments and more.

There is no need to be a coding guru either. Simply copying and pasting a few lines of integration code will smoothly incorporate your Ecwid store into your WordPress site, regardless of the theme you have chosen. And if you manage multiple sites or a Facebook page, Ecwid can be integrated easily into those as well with all of your products mirrored across sites and managed from one control panel.

Since we all know that mobile e-commerce is growing rapidly, you’ll also be excited to know that WordPress and Ecwid work hand-in-hand to help your customers easily view and purchase products from your website on the go with mobile responsive designs.

Whether you’re looking to expand your brick-and-mortar business to the online marketplace or add an online store to your website, Ecwid makes selling anything through your WordPress website incredibly easy. From the smallest personal blogs to the biggest business websites, the combination of Ecwid and WordPress makes for a picture perfect marriage. The only thing left is to say, “I do”.

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