Running a blog is a rewarding process; sure, you may sometimes find yourself under a bit of pressure to come up with fresh and engaging content for your readers, but at the end of the day, when the comments start coming in and the community tightens, you’ll get a heart-warming feeling that words cannot describe in all of its beauty. A blog is also fun, especially when people start goofing around or start cracking jokes. However, if you want to bump up the fun level, you might consider adding some games as well. If games and blogs sound like a weird combo, that’s because it is, but that’s exactly what will have people coming back for more. Here is how adding some WordPress game plugins can help your blog level up on the fun-o-meter.

Not only do people enjoy playing games, but finding games on a blog – a place that’s typically associated with written content – is something that will make your visitors even more excited to give them a try. More importantly, though, it will keep them spending more time on your blog, and can even act as placeholders on the days you don’t feel like posting something new. Instead of people simply visiting the blog and leaving as soon as they notice nothing new is posted, they might consider staying a while and playing a game, since they’re right there.

Another reason to consider adding a WordPress game plugin is the fact that, even though it’s something that’s fairly new in the blogging world, there are plenty of games to choose from. You could opt for a chess game using the Chess Game Viewer WordPress Plugin, go with LeagueManagerfor your football fans, pick from a wide variety of flash games from the Heyzap Games collection or keep your readers in the loop with your gaming progress by displaying your Xbox profile with the My Xbox Profile game plugin – the possibilities are endless.

If you feel that the options above are not exactly what you’re looking for, and want something that’s both game-like fun, but fit into your blog better, why not opt for some games that integrate with your blog content just perfectly? Here are 3 WordPress game plugins that are a must-have for every blog owner:

Asteroids Widget

Unless you’ve been living on top of a mountain until yesterday, chances are you’re no stranger to the asteroid-shooting game – you know, the one where you control a small spaceship and your task is to destroy incoming asteroids before they collide with you. The game is a classic, and a great option for your blog. Oh, and remember the part where we mentioned integrating with the blog? Well, the Asteroids Widget is not exactly about shooting asteroids, but more about shooting the content of your blog. Your visitors will have a blast shooting at pieces of text from your blog, and before you freak out, no, the caused damage is not permanent, and your beloved posts will be all back there after a simple page reload.

Captcha Garb

This one is a plugin with a dual-utility: it’s both fun and useful. So, you know how you’re sometimes forced to integrate captcha verifications that your visitors need to complete before posting comments, in order to avoid an invasion from spam bots? Captcha Garb is a WordPress plugin that replaces classical captchas with image puzzles, so you get to keep your blog spam-free, and your visitors get to have a bit of fun playing a puzzle game instead of struggling to decipher some twisted letters and numbers that make a regular captcha – it’s a win-win.

Bonus entry – Mind Reader

The Mind Reader game plugin doesn’t exactly fit the bill for integrating with your blog’s content, but we’ve opted to include it anyway because it’s too awesome to miss. Mind Reader is basically a game that demonstrated math can be fun, and it does so by having your visitors think of a random two-digit number, subtracting the sum of the two digits from the number and then pressing a button, just to watch in amazement how the game reads their minds and displays the letter that corresponds to their number, from a table below. The game is guaranteed to guess the correct letter every time, as your visitors will be able to see for themselves by checking the table. How does it work? Magic!