Studies have confirmed that oral health and overall wellbeing are linked. Which means, if your teeth and gums are not healthy, you may also lack health, and vice versa. In the same way, there is a link between your emotional health and oral health.
Since emotions have a strong role to play in our life, its impact on our dental health can be ignored either. If you’re not emotionally healthy at any point of time, it may show on your oral health.

In fact, only a healthy mind has healthy teeth is something you have to believe, and live by in general. Among other things, stress is easily the biggest factor that impacting the emotions and oral health together.

Here are ways in which emotional health can affect our oral health –

Stress can lead to teeth grinding

Teeth grinding or bruxism may not appear a big health concern to many but its consequences are nothing less for dental health. You’d be surprised to know how stress is one of major reasons for bruxism or a clenched jaw. So, if you’re leading a stressful life, you may end up developing the bad habit of law clenching at some point in time.

People with high stress levels are more likely to be affected by bruxism than the rest. To overcome such a dental problem, one must learn stress coping mechanism and lead the life in the slow lane. If the issue does not go away, you can seek a professional help and get a dental-fitted guard to wear around the mouth.

Negative emotions may lead to cavities

People experiencing negative emotions are likely to give less care to oral hygiene that they would otherwise give. This in turn can increase the risk of a variety of oral problems including cavities and gum diseases. This is something you must have noticed individually as even a slight negligence on oral care can leave you with a stinking mouth.

Naturally, when you’re not happy, you may not take oral hygiene and if this goes on for days on end, the risk levels of gum disease may be up in that ratio. Anger, sadness and depression are some of states when your focus on oral care can come down drastically.
Well, such emotions are often temporary and you can always get back to the original ways sooner rather than later and start caring your teeth and gums to maintain optimum oral health.

A weakened immune system can cause gum disease

Stress can have a big negative impact on the immune system. If you are in a consistent spell of stress, you are likely to have a lowered immune system which can lead to gum disease. In fact, a weakened immune system does have effect on your overall health so you should stay away from stress of any nature.

If your immune system is weak, it will not fight off bacteria as strongly as it does therefore risks of gum disease may go up considerably in the process. So, the focus should always be on being emotionally healthy and happy and it can ensure a right immune system.

Canker sores are caused by stress

Canker sores are common in adults. They are not any type of infection but rather mild sores caused by stress. Such sores are largely harmless but you should not ignore them beyond a point. Since stress is a cause behind these sores, you should try to first de-stress yourself. Together with following oral care routine, you can drink tons of water regularly to keep oral health in optimum state. Taking extra care of yourself is the only way you can keep emotional problems away which can eventually lead to better dental health.

Anxiety can make your teeth wear down gradually

Like stress, anxiety too has a huge impact on your oral health. It can make your teeth wear down over a period of time. This may carry the risk of tooth decay in the long run. To avoid such problems, you can consult best dentist New York and also take care of your emotional health all along. Only they can you expect to maintain oral health to an optimum level for sure.