Everyday exercise generally gets on to our nerves when it comes to getting up early in the morning and practicing those stretches, pull-ups and pushups. But as soon as we start we feel energy coming in. Fitness is all about maintaining a perfect shape and feeling healthy from within ourself. As per the human psychology, we need more and more will power to change or adapt to a new timetable. This happens only when we choose mind over pleasure. Thinking about that movement for pleasure like eating more than required just because the dish tastes too good or sleeping for that extra 5 minutes in the chill morning only because we enjoy those movements, in the next minute we find our timetable you have created to make a small change in your lifestyle is in the dustbin.

We can make our intelligence work by igniting a fire to our will power, which will create great difference to our lives. This can happen only when we think about our anticipate benefits all the way when we dream or during workouts. This work is to be done only during those starting days where we have to ignite our will power, and the rest days we really don’t need to push ourselves. It happens by its own. The only thing we have to see is that, we don’t take a diversion when we have set a path.

Many people think about shortcuts as the easiest way to become fit like surgeries (liposuction) or use of steroids for a muscular body or reduce weight and the list goes on. These shortcuts, more than advantages, have many side effects, like red rashes, pink pimples which turn to red and the to a permanent black tattoo like spots, boils all over your body, extra growths and so on. Now think of the daily exercise, which one is better, to enjoy the morning sunrays absorbing into our body that makes us sense the energy without any side effects or the everlasting bitter experiences with the evidences exposed on your body and also our bills which shows how much money has been washed out.Shortcuts end up with in a short period

Along with a few stretches with the best partner that is the SUN, and also eating nutritious food will help us stay fit and active. Our body needs all kinds of food to be perfectly fit, but too much of it is all ways lethal. Nutritious food can be simplified and defined as the food which our body can’t synthesize or that which is needed to synthesize those materials which our body needs for proper functioning of the system. As we know fresh vegetables and fruits are the highest sources of energy. It is true and they have the ability to fight against many diseases like heart related problems, cancer, blood pressure etc. It is to remember that fruits contain neither unhealthy fats nor cholesterol and is a low calorie food with lots of antioxidants which kicks out the impurities in us. The power of fresh fruits and vegetable can only be replaced by fresh fruits and vegetables.