There’s a new buzz in town for young brides to be – yellow diamonds. Fresh, cheerful, and above all, rare, these beautiful amber colored stones represent happiness more aptly than anything else. Yellow diamonds are preferred because the vivacious yellow color is extremely attractive and eye-catching, especially when surrounded by glittering white diamonds in a handcrafted ring.

Yellow Diamond – Rare and Distinctive

Impress People with Handcrafted Diamond Rings Sporting Yellow Diamonds 1

The yellow diamond has achieved an exalted position not only because of its lovely color that has widespread cultural and religious significance but also because it is extremely rare. According to experts, only one out of as many as ten thousand diamonds is likely to be genuinely yellow. The reason why some diamonds are colored yellow is because unlike white diamonds that are composed of only carbon molecules, yellow diamonds have a second element, nitrogen included in their structure.

The presence of nitrogen makes the light falling on the diamond refract in a different manner and this results in the production of the distinctive yellow color. The minute difference in the concentration of nitrogen produces hues that range from a deep brown-yellow to really vibrant sunshine yellow. There are some in between that are available in a translucent soft yellow. The wide variety of yellow hues found in natural diamonds makes them all the more distinctive and unique and contributes to their high prices.

Varieties of Yellow Diamonds

Impress People with Handcrafted Diamond Rings Sporting Yellow Diamonds 2
Canary diamonds: One of the most popular types of yellow diamonds is the canary diamond. It gets its name due to its vibrant and intense shade of yellow epitomized by the canary. Canary diamonds look extremely beautiful when set in rings crafted from either yellow gold or white gold, and are ideal forhandcrafted diamond ringswhen the budget is not an issue.

Zimmi yellow diamonds: Found in the southern part of Sierra Leone, Zimmi yellow diamonds are characterized by a shade of dazzling yellow. Yellow diamonds are rare, and this type is even rarer, accounting for less than one percent of all yellow diamonds.

Cape diamonds: Found in South Africa’s Cape Province, these diamonds possess a yellow color that is so pale that it leaves geologists confused whether to even classify them as yellow diamonds. While these diamonds are much prized, the lack of intensity of the yellow does make more affordable.

Champagne diamonds: Also known as Cognac diamonds due to their exquisite golden color, these diamonds are unarguably the rarest type of yellow diamonds. Another claim to fame is that some of the biggest diamonds discovered till date happen to be Champagne diamonds. The mammoth 545.65 carat Golden Jubilee, owned by Thai royalty is the world’s largest cut and faceted diamond, eclipsing the 530.4 carat Great Star of Africa, also a Champagne diamond.


When you are searching for a diamond ring to present to your beloved, yellow diamond rings represent the ultimate in class. As with all diamonds you need to carefully consider the color, clarity, cut, and carat to make the optimum choice.