Basically, the Internet has invaded our lives. It affects not only our social networking, but it has also conquered the moneymaking schemes. Yes, at this point in time, you can now make use of the Internet to earn money. Sounds like an internet made useful, right? But it is not a hoax. In fact, one of the key players in this industry now is Google through Google Adsense.


In a Nutshell

It’s very simple. Google Adsense is an Internet innovation which provides free, flexible way to earn money from personal blogs, mobile sites, and even those site search results using relevant and engaging ads. It basically allows publishers to earn money simply by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. What they mean by targeted are those that are almost in connection to the web site itself. For example, if a web site is about jewelry, then Google is more likely to have the publisher display an advertisement about where to get the best jewelry deals. Likewise, it allows the publisher to provide his or her website with a Google search bar while Google places its ads on the results pages.


How does it work?

    1. Types and Display Method

      Despite having Google place an advertisement, you are still in control of your web site. You are given the freedom to choose what types of ads you want and where to place them.

      Tip: Make sure you place them strategically. Next to this is to choose the types of ads that can “compete” for those slots. This will make your web site advertisement more ad-friendly. Remember, competition creates publicity and publicity leads to more advertisements. Make sure that your website is ad-friendly and that you keep your visitors coming.

    2. Advertisers Compete

      Upon finishing the first step of choosing the types and where to place the ad, the interested advertisers will now compete for the slot by bidding on them. Of course, choose the highest bidder.

    3. Get Paid!

      Google will act as the inter mediator and will bill the advertisers and those ad networks that you have chosen and you will get paid through a variety of payment options.


How to Increase Google AdSense Revenue

So you already know what to do, the next thing you should know is to understand how to increase Google AdSense revenue.


  • A. Make your web site interesting

    The best way to earn more money is to write interesting stories, and keep your web site traffic always at its peak. Make sure that you have loyal visitors, not only from your home country, but from the rest of the world. Remember that Google is not stupid enough to consider your seb site popular if you only get hits from the same IP address every single day. Increase your link associates and network. The more valuable your content is, the more people will visit you.

  • B. The power of keywords

    The idea is to know what people are searching for. This way, you can always make a post about those keywords thus increasing your site traffic in the search engines. Not enough knowledge of what the most popular keywords are? Here are some steps to help:

    1. Visit : Google Adwords Tool
    2. Filter Setting should be set to“All Countries and Territories
    3. You will find their “Enter one keyword or phrase per line,”. In this, you can sort of try to take trials by entering the key word that’s stuck in your head(Make sure, though, that the keyword is related to your web site. Otherwise, your web site will look like a complete mess of random ideas).
    4. Remove the check mark on the “Use synonyms” as this will let Google’s keyword tool give you direct and related keywords referring only to your query.
    5. Next step, “Get keyword ideas.”
    6. You will see a “match type”. Change this from “Broad” to “Exact.” as this will provide you with a more accurate estimate.
    7. Click the link to “Global Monthly Search Volume” because it will the keyword traffic from highest to lowest.

It’s basically as simple as that. Make sure to optimize your blog post to increase the potential of your Google AdSense income.

Recently there has been great debates about how webmaster, blog owners buy targeted website traffic to their websites/blogs to increase adsense revenue. This method is risky and has been controversial. But there are many online websites like BuyWebVisits.com that claim their traffic to be adsense safe. You wouldn’t know until you try it.