Unfortunately, if you are working a job and get into an auto accident, your wages will not be immediately protected if you are too injured to go back to work. Unless you have sick time and vacation time, jobs expect work for money. That is the bad news, but you are entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, damages to your property and possibly punitive damages. This is all under the condition that you were driving legally and were not the at fault party. Here are five steps to take to protect yourself from the wages you will lose while recovering.

Start Mentally Documenting

After a car crash happens, things can get chaotic and sometimes escalate. If immediate medical attention is needed for yourself, then you should obviously make it a priority. Keep a cool head and check on people, but as you are checking you need to be committing things to memory, positions, who was driving the car responsible in case anyone tries to switch if the driver was driving illegally. Learning about the scene will help immeasurably. When you get a hold of your attorney, they will tell you that evidence is the key to recuperating damages and lost wages.

Speak to Witnesses

Start talking to anyone who has stopped to help or saw it happen in a parking lot. The first thing to do is see if they would make be willing to make a verbal or written statement. Get a feel for what they witnessed, and use the feeling to solicit more questions to corroborate your story. Finally, you will need to get their contact information. The better the corroborating information the stronger your claim will be for damages and lost wages, especially if you need your vehicle for work.

Photograph the Scene

If you or someone you are with can take pictures, then you should do it at the same time or after you speak with the witnesses. Take pictures of everything. This includes the people, plate numbers and especially all the physical damage to yourself and vehicle. Finally, make sure you have pictures from plenty of angles.

Call the Police

Involving the police give makes your documentation stronger and more thorough. Police reports made at the time of the accident carries a lot of weight with claims attorneys and insurance adjusters. Quite often, the at-fault party will try to discourage police involvement, and this is another reason to call the police.

Get a Hold of Your Attorney

In order to get your damages fixed, bills paid and your lost wages protected by recovering them, you are going to need to get a hold of your attorney. If he does not do personal injury, then he can point you in the right direction.

If you follow all of these steps, you can recover any lost wages. You are entitled to them from the person at fault. With all of the evidence gathering steps, you would have built your case for yourself. It may take a little time, but you have to be patient.