If your internet always seems to be going slowly or not at all, then there are several things that you may want to consider doing. Taking these steps will help you enjoy using the internet more, and if you work online, then you may be able to get done faster. Here are some tips to consider.

Choose Your Type of Internet

Internet for laptops and desktops generally falls into three different types. Dial-up internet is usually the slowest, and it is sent over the phone line. Wireless relies on radio frequency to deliver the signal to your home or office without the use of cables. Fast satellite internet is provided by internet via a direct connection to a satellite circling the earth.

Use a Quality of Service Application

Not all programs on the internet require the same bandwidth. It often only takes one of these apps to bring all internet activities in your home to a crawl. Using a quality of service application can allow you to see what is eating your bandwidth. Then, you may be able to postpone that activity to a time when no one will be online. If you are getting unusual results, however, often restarting everything will speed up your internet.

Choose Your Wi-Fi Channel

If your Wi-Fi gets too much interference on one channel, then you can switch to another channel that has less traffic. Generally, most devices and routers operate on either channel one or six. Yet, most countries have up to six channels that can be used. There are apps that will help you find one that is less busy and help you set it up. Running on the same channel as your neighbor can cause interference dramatically reducing your internet speed.

Change Your Wireless Frequency

You can also choose to change your wireless frequency. Most systems operate on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. Some systems, however, allow you to switch to 5 GHz wireless frequency. Since this system is usually much less busy, you may notice your speeds improve dramatically. The biggest change will be at a short range. Be aware that some older devices may only operate on 2.4 GHz.

Following these simple tips will allow you to enjoy using the internet more. Changing to satellite internet will probably make the biggest change. Following the other tips, however, may be things that you can do short term so that your work and play becomes more enjoyable.